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Maryland Lottery Double Play Contest

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Hold onto your non-winning Double Play Scratch-Off Tickets

Double-Play_AnimatedBeginning March 21 visit and enter your non-winning Maryland Lottery Double Play scratch-off tickets for your chance to be selected as one of 162 Double Play Contestants of the Game winners or a chance to win one of eight Orioles Bonus Prizes.


162 CONTESTANT OF THE GAME PRIZES: If selected as a Contestant of the Game, you will win $1,000 for each Orioles double play made during your designated game. If no double play is made, you’ll win $100 worth of Maryland Lottery Double Play scratch-off tickets.

8 ORIOLES BONUS PRIZES: Your entry will also give you the opportunity to win one-of-a-kind Orioles bonus prizes including a Field of Dreams Experience, Trip to 2012 Spring Training and more.

The Double Play scratch-off launched on Monday, March 7. It is a $5 ticket where you can scratch the front and peel the back. The top prize is $50,000 and the ticket features no prize less than $10.


    how i spent 300 bucks on sum last night and start entering sum of the tickets but some one mixed them all up and i dont know which one i have already entered already. can i just reenter them and the system will no what to do if its the same ones

    • mdlottery

      Natalie: Yes, that is fine.

  • Entered my losing ticket tonight, but just realized the first prize pack entry needed to be in by 9 am on the 29th. So, since I entered it at 8:15 p.m., will I be eligible for any prize packs, since the winner had already been announced for the first one earlier in the day?

    • mdlottery

      Diane: Yes, you will be eligible during the next prize drawing on April 12.


    say that the first drawing has already took place and i did not win. am i able to re enter the same tickets again for the next drawing.

    • mdlottery

      NATALIE: Non-winning Double Play tickets entered into the contest are only eligible for one drawing. If they are entered a second time they will be deemed ineligible.

  • just bought a couple of double play tickets,
    I like the game.


    for some reason i am loving this double play scratch off and i have not won no more then 15 bucks on one itself yet. i kind of like the back more than anything. maybe by me entering over 150 dollars worth of non winning tickets for a second to win,maybe i will luck up soon.

  • Sarah

    also, one more question, I promise it’s the last! Once I enter a ticket, I can’t or I can use that same ticket in the next entry period? Thanks!

    • mdlottery

      Sarah: A unique ticket code must be entered with each entry. A code that was previously entered will not be valid for subsequent drawings.

  • Sarah

    Just to clarify, is each row on the chart on the rules page what my entry will be good for as long as I enter it before the very first date in each row, for example, the first row, if I enter before March 29th, my entry is good from April 1 to 17 for the first of the 8 prize packs AND the individual game drawings only for that period? And then if I enter before the 12th, it’s the same way and so on?

    • mdlottery

      Sarah: You got it. That is correct.

  • Aaron

    read the rules for contest. so if i enter 10 tickets let say on 3/24/11 does this mean my 10 tickets are for that game only and not for the entire season? do i have to enter 2-3 or more tickets for the each of the 162 games played ?

    • mdlottery

      Aaron: Entries are cleared after each drawing period. For instance, the first period is from March 21 through March 29 at 9AM. If you enter between those dates you are eligible for the first drawing period featuring Birds-Eye View. Once the drawing is conducted all entries are cleared. You can find more information regarding the drawing periods in the official rules. Hope that helps.

  • Ozzie Neff

    I have 6 losers purchased on different occasions. BRUTAL. Haven’t had a winner yet

    • mdlottery

      Ozzie: The second chance entry page is live at

  • Pat Melton

    Wish I Had known about 2nd chance contest before I trashed all the non-winning tickets I just had. I guess I will keep them now!Never know I might be a winner after all. Never one more than 50 dollars the whole time playing the lottery and thats been since the lottery began.(LOL)I am young at heart. Good Luck to all

  • Mel

    Darn!!!I just realized that the entry deadline for the Logo Hunt tickets is this Monday March 21 at 10:00am. It is now 2:07 pm Sat March 19th. Any suggestions how to get them there????

  • Victoria

    Granted, that there is a minimum prize of $10 but Double Play does have non-winning scratch off. I spent $15 on three double plays. One was a $10 winner, and the other two were non-winners. I can’t complain I won my money back but it would have been nice if I had won more. I will keep trying. One day I will hit the jackpot for a nice amount. Good luck everyone.


  • Irv Betch

    Has anyone else had problems scratching off the protective coating on these tickets? You have to rub so hard you scratch right through and remove the numbers below.

    • Matt R

      I find dimes work best on these.

      • Irv

        I think maybe it was just a bad book of tickets.

        • Danita Brooks

          No. It isn’t just you. It is a little harder to scratch this one. Didn’t know about the secondary contest though! I’ve thrown some ouble Play S-Offs away. 🙁

    • Cheryl

      Irv-the problem with the scratch off part is due to the tear off part on the back; it makes for an uneven surface for scratching the front. Definately DO NOT tear off the back first, that makes it a lot worse!! Learned the hard way with 20 of them! Scratching them off with a scratch off tool, one at a time on a hard surface has worked really well; then if I need to tidy it up, I used my fingernail !! Good luck!

  • Matt R

    Bought my first 2 Double Plays today. Love the pull tabs on the back that scored me $50!!!!

  • Latasha

    How do you enter your non winning tickets.

    • mdlottery

      Latasha: We’ll have more information on Monday, March 21. In the meantime just save all of your non-winning tickets.

  • rochelle barnes

    will one eye jack scratch ticket be coming back out

    • mdlottery

      rochelle: The One-Eyed Jacks game came to a close on November 5, 2010.

  • Mike

    Ok I like that the minimum prize is 10$ on this one. You need to make all of your scratch-off minimum prizes higher then the actual ticket cost. Nobody wants to break even while playing scratch-offs. Its not really winning if you just win the amount you spent on the ticket and that makes your probability of winning very misleading. Also heres an idea for future scratch-offs…MORE WINNERS! You people focus so much on fancy looking scratch-offs with glitter,sparkles and pull tabs. All of that money spent on the production of the scratch-offs could have been distributed to the players. So make your next scratch-off plain black and white with no bonus or sparkles and a 1 in 2 odds of winning and that will be your best selling scratch-off in the history of lottery world wide guarantee!!!!

    • pat o’connor

      I agree with you Mike. Breaking even is not winning, especially when you buy more than one ticket and the one that wins is only for the purchase price which is usually the case. The minimum prize should double the ticket price.

  • colleen moore

    I tore the doubble play ticket in pieces can I tape it and still use it. thankyou!

  • George Blackburn

    when are you going to do the keno doubler and tripler again. I really like that game Thanks George

    • mdlottery

      George: You’re in luck. We have one coming up starting Monday, March 14. Stay tuned for more details.