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Medal Madness Winners

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Congratulations to our Medal Madness Top Tier Prize Winners.

$250,000 Winner
John Taggart from Woodbine, MD

$50,000 Winner
Melissa Johnson from California, MD

$25,000 Winner
Theresa Gasker from Sparrows Point, MD

$1,000 Winners
All winners will be notified via telephone or mail with claiming instructions. Final validation will take place at the time of claiming. Please feel free to contact the Lottery directly at 410-230-8800 for claiming instructions.

Dorothy Davis from Baltimore
Beverly Keys from Indian Head
Asima Njomo from Lanham
Robert Neukum from Bel Air
Richard Stine from Frederick
Jefferie Wells from Baltimore
Margaret Harmon from Bel Air
Earl Harris from Baltimore
Shirre Tull from Salisbury
Ethel Burks from Washington, DC
Don Savage from Rosedale
Jerome Montgomery, Sr. from Indian Head
Zelda Brown from Baltimore
Gladys Davis from Silver Spring
Lois Epps from Silver Spring
Kirk Wilson from Frederick
Nancy Saffron from Baltimore
Marye Maalouf from Rosedale
Sherry Randolph from Washington, DC
Charles Herron from Glen Burnie
Craig Stanley from Baltimore
Thomas Hines from North Beach
Jacqueline Fortune from Baltimore
Sarah Harrod from Baltimore
Deborah Lockard-Shelley from North East
Agnes Holtzner from Baltimore
Felicitacion Agustin from Nottingham
William Ryans III from Centreville
Barbara Brooks from Baltimore
Youn Ho Yang from Nottingham
Jason Villegas from Bethesda
Joseph Bell from Suitland
Haskell Littlejohn from Westminster
John Parker from Fulton
Joyce Proctor from Charlotte Hall
Martha Humphries from Temple Hills
Ralph Webb from Baltimore
Arthur Kowalski from Cheltenham
Elva Fowlkes from Catonsville
Maurice Lawson from Takoma Park
Connie Curtis from Baltimore
Edward Knights from Baltimore
Janie Galman from Lanham
Ethel Evans from Baltimore
Kenneth Hadfield from Dundalk
Dorsey Scofield from Capitol Heights
Kenneth Fenderson from Upper Marlboro
Cheryl White from Baltimore
Joyce Johnson from Gwynn Oak
Alvin Pye from Baltimore
Yang Yu from Silver Spring
Joseph Butler from Hyattsville
Ronald Thomas from Baltimore
Gwendolyn Beale from Baltimore
Andre Johnson from Dundalk
Norman Wilson from Queenstown
Ray Parker, Jr. from Parkville
Mabel Butts from Sparrows Point
Hazel Barnes from Laurel
William Gilliam from Baltimore
Mary DePasquale from Baltimore
Lyna Martin from Baltimore
Joseph Brown from Brandywine
Barbara R. Smith from Baltimore
Kelly Harmon from Forest Hill
Janette Harris from Baltimore
Laurel Whyte from Beltsville
Krista McClease from Forestville
Dante Todaro from Rockville
Marshella Riddick from Baltimore
Raymond Moore from Baltimore
Mertis Stallings from Silver Spring
Henrietta Wright from Clinton
Towanda Chew from Fort Washington
Harry Axler from Olney
Chris Smith from Churchville
Gary English from Baltimore
Vernadette Harris from Baltimore
Becky Hopkins from Salisbury
Vada Jones from Belcamp
Robert Reed from Baltimore
William Lomax from Baltimore
Mark Menzel from Darnestown
Heath Roy from Grasonville
Pat Hipsley from Baltimore
George King from Essex
James B. Wilson from Upper Marlboro
Eric J. Anderson from Olney
Clarence Cornish from Baltimore
Sheila Rishel from Hollywood
Theresa Metts from Baltimore
Kenneth Holmes from Landover
Randolph Turpin from Owings Mills
Lamont Green from Baltimore
Terry Hall from Baltimore
Elijah Fields, Jr. from Baltimore
Betty Edwards from Annapolis
Margaret Holly from Bowie
George Manigo from Baltimore
Mary Borges from Beltsville

  • K.Bennett

    I agree with Tim Brown. If you live near Baltimore,you’ve got it made.
    Is Montgomery County(Germantown/Gaitherburg) cursed

    • K.Bennett: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our press releases from 2009 and 2010 at There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.

  • Roxy

    I must agree with some comments above. It seems like you have a better chance of winning something buying in the Baltimore area. I have yet to see someone win from the upper Montgomery county area. My husband & I buy everyday & get nothing & I really mean nothing.

    • Roxy: The geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas. In addition to being a high-population area with a sizable number of players, Baltimore, MD covers 38 zip codes (USPS info). Residents come from localities all over the Baltimore metropolitan area, for example, a winner from 21286 claiming a prize may be listed in a press release as a Baltimore winner, even though residents in this zip code may be from Baltimore, Loch Raven or Towson.

  • abu-bakarr mansaray

    how many people are the winners of $1000

  • tim brown

    wow i know this much im movin to baltimore because you had almost 50 winners from that area that seem like the best way to win congrats to the winners anyway now i can stop looking at this page every 20 minutes im going to get a 1.00 scratch now


    cool game didnt win though sent n over 15 entries — start the next game 🙂

  • Valarie Roberts

    Will you be contacting (calling or emailing) the the 100 $1,000 winners or will the names just be posted online.

    • Valarie: We just posted the names of the 100 $1,000 winners. It also includes details on how winners will be contact and how they can contact us to claim their prize.

  • laverne webb

    The timing was perfect. I enjoyed this game and any other game coming from the Maryland Lottery. I have to say I play almost every other day, I have met so many funny people. Congraulations to all the winners. Thanks

  • I too wish congratulation to the top winners. It was a fun game and hope more like it will be coming.

  • chris

    On Friday, March 6 one lucky Maryland Lottery player became a 2nd tier Mega Millions winner. The winning ticket was sold at Barnabas Liquors in Temple Hills, MD. If you were in the area, check your tickets to see if you were the big winner.
    Hello—where was this winner isn”t this Prince Georges County

  • Renee’ Hickman

    I forgot to put a telephone number on my entry. Will that stop me from winning?

    • Renee’ Hickman: Not providing your phone number would not preclude you from winning.

  • debroa

    I hope you all enjoy your money ,Congrads.
    I did n’t win but I will always play the games because I enjoy it .Thanks alot for all the new fun and games.

  • CSC

    How many $1000.00 Medal Madness winners did you have and how long will it take to verify. Once verified, how long do you have to claim prize. If not claimed is another entry drawn.

    • CSC: We had 100 $1,000 winners. We just posted them a few minutes ago.

  • Gerald

    I sure could use that 1000 dollar drawing

  • peggy young


  • Debbie Hicks

    Pick me for the $1,000.00 winner. I am tired of not winning although I hit the 4 digit boxed last night. Thanks.

  • Chris

    Congrats to all the winners, hope my lucky 13 sets of medals nets me $1000. Can only hope for the chance at the draw. Thanks



  • Debbie

    Have all of the 100 winners of the $1,000.00 been contacted at this point and we are just waiting for them to be listed on the website? Or are you still in the process of contacting the winners? Anxiously awaiting! Just wanted to know if I should just realize that I’m not a winner and wait for the next promotion. Thanks!

    • Debbie: We just posted the $1,000 winners and how each winner can claim.

  • abu-bakarr mansaray

    again,i am not trying be naive,but i do love to play all the games i never had the chance to win big.question,why the lottery didn’t show us how many people winning BONUS MATCH5 on the internet for eg payout,like Pa website.

    • abu-bakarr: We are in the process of planning improvements to our website. We will add this idea to the list of potential improvements.

    • Hassen Ben Sober

      I would like to win, so I can visit my family in India.

    • Ben

      Kudos to all you winners. Maybe I will get lucky next time and win. What a great idea from MD Lottery.

  • virginia

    Waiting for my $1000.00, lol ty & Happy for the ones who won.

    • Mike Hunt

      Wow I hope I win a Thousand. I can’t wait. The suspense is killing me.

      • Foxy Coleman

        I hope to win a thousand. I want to go to a big dog show, and a Grand to take with me would be nice.