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Mega Millions Changes Coming Soon

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

New 5/75 and 1/15 matrix planned to launch Saturday, October 19

Mega Millions states have agreed to a new game matrix to help the Mega Millions jackpot roll faster and reach greater heights.The new game features include:

  • The starting jackpot is changing from $12 million to $15 million
  • The field of numbers to choose from is changing from 1 to 56 to 1 to 75
  • The Mega number field is changing from 1 to 46 to 1 to 15
  • The overall odds of winning a prize are changing from 1 in 40, to 1 in 15
  • The odds of winning a jackpot are changing from 1 in 176 million, to 1 in 259 million
  • The jackpot annuity payout is changing from 26 years to 30 years


Mega Millions Comparison

Since the changes will happen in October, a player’s ability to purchase 15-draw Advance Play tickets will end on August 30. After August 30 the number of Advance Plays that can be purchased will decrease after each draw.IMPACT ON ADVANCED PLAY

To prepare for the new version of Mega Millions, we will begin a “step-down” on the number of drawings available for Advanced Play purchases. As a reminder, Advance Play allows Maryland Lottery players the opportunity to purchases tickets good for up to 15 consecutive draws in the future. The step-down will begin on Friday, August 30th after the drawing. The number of Advance play draws available for purchase will decrease by one each draw night until the game change occurs in October.

Fri. August 30 15 draws or less
Tues. Sept. 3 14 draws or less
Fri. Sept. 6 13 draws or less
Tues. Sept. 10 12 draws or less
Fri. Sept. 13 11 draws or less
Tues. Sept. 17 10 draws or less
Fri. Sept. 20 9 draws or less
Tues. Sept. 24 8 draws or less
Fri. Sept. 27 7 draws or less
Tues. Oct. 1 6 draws or less
Fri. Oct. 4 5 draws or less
Tues. Oct. 8 4 draws or less
Fri. Oct. 11 3 draws or less
Tues. Oct. 15 2 draws or less
Fri. Oct. 18 1
Sat. Oct. 19 First day of New Mega Millions Sales
Tues. Oct. 22 First drawing of New Mega Millions

Look out for more details coming soon!

  • rmalozi0113

    I wish you would keep the ‘Advance Play’ longer. I really like that since I don’t like going to the store every single drawing. Advance Play was nice too since I sometimes travel for a few weeks or months and like to play long term without any interuptions when playing my favorite numbers.

    • mdlottery

      Once the changes for Mega Millions go into effect on October 19th, you will once again be able to purchase Advanced Play for up to 15 draws at your local lottery retailer. You also have the option of purchasing a subscription which gives you the opportunity to purchase up to 104 drawings. Details can be found here:

      • rmalozi0113

        Thanks for responding and clarifying and keeping the advance play

    • crustyone

      I feel exactly the same way. Without knowing the new “scheme” I attempted unsuccessfully to buy my usual ten plays in advance yesterday.

  • Nadene Sanders


  • frankandlizh

    I don’t like it.

  • CLS

    Has anyone been to the Official Mega Millions site? I couldn’t find the change mentioned anywhere… This is starting to look like the Irish lottery scam; nobody wins!

  • CLS

    How can odds go up, but overall probability go down? Am I miss reading something? If the required number of matching balls remain the same(regardless of the payout), overall probability must increase also, correct?
    Let’s see the math

    • griefman

      Duh…. 56 to 75 numbers makes odds bigger; money ball now has only 15 numbers so mor people will hit the smaller prizes

      • CLS

        oh yeah I forgot about the 15 megaball numbers… Yeah!!! I won a dollar on my 10 dollar ticket(sarcasm).

      • crustyone

        That’s about all I won since buying Mega Millions tickets.

      • CLS

        Duh? If I’m misinterpreting this, I apologize, but, Lose the attitude… If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t do it online. If you gave me that attitude in person, I guarantee
        your next comment would be made lying on the floor, and it would sound like uncontrollable sobbing.

  • CLS

    As if the odds weren’t bad enough to begin with… This is crap!

    I think there should be a boycott of all lottery until they get it through there thick heads what people really want in a Jackpot game.

    I’d rather have a better chance a couple million than no chance at a billion. Thanks for taking away my hope.
    I’m done…

    • crustyone

      I stopped playing the Maryland Lotto when changes were made and now Mega Millions is revamped–I’ll have to give this some serious thought about continuing to purchase tickets.

  • Palindrome 101

    Maryland kills another game. Typical, but disappointing. My money is now earmarked for Burger King. Maryland, you could have left us with at least one playable game.

  • Richard Bader


    • crustyone

      It seems the state is becoming less inviting each day–after sixty-five years it is probably time for me to travel onward to a more friendly one.

  • Sheila

    Well I’m out. I had to subscriptions so I would not have to stop for tickets. Guess I won’t be playing anymore

  • Wow

    This creates an inflation type effect where the money you used to put in will give now even LESS in terms of chances.

    They want to compete with Powerball and that might work because the majority of people don’t go looking at odds, although they’d look at prices and that’s why they are keeping it at $1.

    Still for those that look at odds this is a major turn off, and no doubt they’ll have some customers turn their back on Mega Millions, then again i;m sure they weighed that possibility as well against the increased profits they’ll be getting from the majority…

  • samthepork

    When the stadium was being built it was announced that only private funds
    were being used. Guess that turned out to be FALSE and lottery money STILL going

    • Craig

      I Love how the word False is being used instead of just saying you LIED. Maryland Government is all about saying what the people want to hear. Also when someone wins the JACKPOT in MD, what do you do with the 48% of taxes Maryland takes out ? ? Where do the tax payers of MD get to see where this money is being used ? ?

  • Guest

    When the stadium was first being built, it was annpounced that ONLY private funds were being used. Lottery money was NOT supposed to be used. Another bold face lie.

  • sonia auricchio

    Ridiculous change, and not that smart, so that will make people turn away from this game.

    • crustyone

      How much did the taxpayer have to pay for these changes? Someone already made some big money and it wasn’t the purchasers of tickets.

  • goteki45

    I understand what Mega Millions is doing and why. They want to have the same jackpot levels as Powerball yet they want to attract people to playing their game by charging a dollar rather then two dollars with Powerball. The problem with that has been that more people hit the Mega Million because they can afford to buy more tickets thus more combinations thus the jackpot never grows like that of Power Ball. So this is their way of trying to keep the game affordable but still be able to compete with Powerball jackpot wise..

    • g-man625

      Well said. Excellent logic…you nailed the rationale: bigger, faster growing jackpots for one dollar per play.

      That said, the odds are horrible, absolutely ridiculous.

  • E.P. Jack

    If you wanted to improve the Megamillions game you could’ve made the jackpot tax free. All you would need to do would be to add one statement to the lottery rules: “Taxes on the Megamillions Lottery Jackpot are paid to Federal and State Jurisdictions from a pool of funds representing voluntary beneficial proceeds from each player. The amount of this contribution is included in the price of each lottery ticket.”

    • Brian

      Yeah I like how the Maryland lottery always says “we have our newest millionaire when they win 1 million dollars” after taxes you aren’t millionaire

      • crustyone

        Free grief counseling should be included with winning tickets.

  • samthepork

    How many times has the lottery done this? Added numbers to the games to make it harder to win? This is not the first time. I think you people want to make bigger jackpots but with the chances of winning being close to nil, I think I just stopped playing this game. Thanks Maryland Lottery!

    • Ron Cogar

      It is not the Maryland Lottery fools, it is Mega Millions.

  • What a shame

    What a shame…this sets it up so more people can lose instead of win…they should change it so more people have a chance of WINNING…count me out on this game

  • What a shame

    This is not good news…they should change the game so more people can win not loose..I will not play this game every again.

  • baby boo

    Well, my interest in mega millions just plummeted. The jackpot and second prize odds are ridiculous. I also suspect that with changing the annuity payout to a 30 year graduated payout the difference in the annuity amount and cash payout will be wider. Sometimes the fact that the cash payout was bigger with mega millions compared to a similar powerball jackpot was the only thing mega millions had going for it.

    I think I will be shunting my mega millions dollars to powerball. Sure I might throw a dollar in when you reach that billion dollar jackpot you are striving for but I probably won’t be a regular player at these odds.

    • E.P. Jack

      They should’ve just raised the price to $2.00 a ticket and made the jackpot tax free.

      • baby boo

        That would work for me. I also think that a larger starting jackpot would be more attractive. $15 million to start vs. power ball’s $40 million isn’t very impressive.

  • stupid idea

    stupid!! like how many players even get 250,000 let alone a million