Mega Millions Group Wins $250,000

Monday, March 21st, 2011

After two years of playing Mega Millions together, a group-of-seven just won a big prize.  Although they fell one number short of winning the jackpot, the Baltimore-area co-workers still walked away with a second-tier $250,000 prize. The “leader” of the group came to Lottery headquarters today to claim the prize from the March 4th drawing.

The 39-year-old who purchases the tickets said she alternated between using birthdays and buying random numbers.  On March 9th, she checked the tickets online and found out the group won $250,000. After taxes, each winner will receive approximately $23,400.  With her share, the “leader” plans to share with family, pay bills, and maybe take a vacation.  The winning ticket was purchased at Wally’s Country Store, located at 19200 Middletown Road in Parkton.

Two second-tier $250,000 Mega Millions tickets remain unclaimed.  Those tickets purchased at BWI Airport on February 8th and Big Daddy’s BBQ & Discount Liquors in Lanham on November 16th.  Winners have 182 days from the drawing date to claim the prize.

  • Bob Hewitt

    As you may know, I have written before about your new and “improved” website. As I said before, your new site takes substantially longer to upload, requires undue searching by customers for winning numbers (checking our tickets) and is decidedly NOT easier to navigate. It my be better for your staff or the website contractor who built this monstrosity but it is not easier or better for your customers. Judging from your responses to your customer comments, I don’t think you have a clear idea about who your customers really are.

    • mdlottery

      Bob: We have heard many concerns from players and are working on addressing some of those concerns. We are also working on a website survey that should be going out to our e-mail newsletter recipients in the coming weeks so players can voice their opinion on the new website.

      With that said, we are still confident that the website is a significant upgrade. If you are having trouble finding anything in particular, please let us know in this forum or look for the website survey coming soon.

  • shannon.zantt

    I hit 3 of the white balls the mega ball and was told I was not a winner!! I went to 3 different machines and two clerks. Wish I didnt lose my ticket.

    • Jackie

      Shannon that is not true. Check the payout section and you will see that if you hit 3 white balls and the mega ball you should have won $150.00

  • patricia mutchler

    Has the web page changed? when I go on I usually click winning numbers and can get all the numbers for all the tickets for several days

    • mdlottery

      patricia: Nothing has changed since we launched the new website. Everything is working as it is supposed to.

      • kate

        This is a horrible website. All the info used to be on one page – the current winning numbers, the jackpot, etc. Once click away was detailed winnings. Now you have to click away to get all the info. Whoever designed this website didn’t do anyone out here any favors.

        • mdlottery

          Kate: Although things are quite different we are confident that our new website is a significant improvement. Two things we focused on was navigation and numbers. The navigation is more user friendly and players can now go to and from anywhere in the site they choose. In addition, we now have a database for all of our winning numbers so users can search for the results they are looking for, as well as utilize the archive for a historical view of results. In addition, we’ve migrated our blog into the website, included many social functions with Facebook and Twitter and launched MDLotteryTV so players can watch drawings and other Lottery related videos just to name a few.

          We appreciate our players feedback and welcome any specific ideas on how to improve our site moving forward.

          • Ron

            This new website S U C K S The old MD Lottery was much easier to navagiate. I want to see winning numbers and the city or town where the winners came from on ONE PAGE. The webmaster should use the K I S S method in website design Keep It Simple Stupid. You had a good design but you just had to screw it up. Thanks for nothing. Ron Easton, MD

            • mdlottery

              Ron: I’m sorry you feel this way about our website. However, we stand by our decision to update the site to its current design and layout.

              The previous design was not compliant with current web 2.0 standards. The navigation was not simple, there were browser compatibility issues and players could not easily get from A to B to C without using the browser controls. The new site improves all of these issues and more. Specifically speaking to navigation, players can now get to any area of the site they choose by using the top navigation. We’ve also been able to launch many new features such as a numbers search and archive, MDLotteryTV, and complete integration with our blog Sn@pshots Lottery News to name a few.

              With that said, we understand we still have work to do to make it as optimized as possible for our players and we are working to do so. Our website will continue to evolve. If you have any specific suggestions or questions, please feel free to send them in.

              • Mic

                I think the old web site was much easier to navigate! It’s much harder to get to the winning numbers from past dates, and you don’t post the winning numbers on your site as early as you used to. It sucks!

  • Leyla

    Where can I find out the winning numbers Mega Millions Group Win?

    • mdlottery

      Leyla: You can find this months Mega Millions numbers here. You can also view archived numbers by using the links provided.

  • Can winning numbers for some or all games be texted to my cell phone?

    • mdlottery

      Sharon: We do not offer this at this time. We do offer RSS feeds that you can take advantage of. Those feeds can be found along the left hand side of the website. An RSS feed can update you when winning numbers have been posted.

  • Where can I find a schedule of payouts for various Lottery games? I had 4 numbers on one line on Multi-Match but don’t know how much it pays. Please advise!

    • mdlottery

      robert: Under each games page you will find a link for “payouts”. This page will describe what you can win for a given game. For instance, if you click on the Multi-Match tab at the top of the website, it will give you information on that particular game. Good luck. If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask.



    • mdlottery

      Joseph: Sorry, no there is not.