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UPDATE: Mega Millions Jackpot Escalates to $312 Million (3/25) [VIDEO]

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


UPDATE: March 24 at 11:45 AM
Due to better than expected sales, the Mega Millions jackpot for Friday, March 25 has increased to $312 million.

The Mega Millions jackpot continues to climb. Since last night’s drawing produced no jackpot winner, the current estimated annuity value for Friday night’s drawing $304 million, with a cash option of $193.6 million.

Even though there was no top-tier winner, a lucky Maryland Lottery player holds a winning ticket.  A $250,000 second-tier winning ticket was purchased at Friendship Liquors, located at 12800 Frederick Rd. in West Friendship.  That winner matched all five white balls, only missing the Mega Ball.  The winning numbers were 1, 14, 35, 50, 53 and Mega Ball 43.  In addition, more than 50,000 other Maryland players won prizes ranging from $2 to $10,000 from last night’s drawing.

If the $304 million jackpot is hit in Maryland, it will be the largest one ever won in the state.  The biggest jackpot win in Maryland was claimed by a Baltimore County woman who won $183 million in June 2003.  Local players are urged to check past tickets, though, as another $250,000 second-tier winning ticket remains unclaimed.  That ticket was purchased at BWI Airport for the February 8th drawing.  Winners have 182 days from the drawing date to claim the prize.

Mega Millions isn’t the only large jackpot in town.  Tonight’s Powerball drawing has an estimated annuity value of $101 million, with a cash option of $51.5 million.

Mega Millions drawings can be seen on Tuesday and Friday evenings and Powerball drawings on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, both at 11:22 pm on WBAL-TV, Channel 11.

  • When will people think that it all about louck. Some people have it nad some don!t L will alwys play it fun,and enjouable to me. any way you either play it or you leave it.when i do win, look out

  • Joan

    Another depressing night watching mega millions i bought 15 QP tickets and out of every last ticket I didn’t match not one of the 6 numbers drawn. While watching the drawing last night I noticed the gentleman say and after calling out the numbers tomorrows jackpot an estimated 44 million. HOW DOES HE KNOW IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE DRAWING THAT NO ONE WON and that the drawing will go up to 44 million ?????? That stuck with me the whole night. Just to make sure my ears weren’t playing trick i rewound the drawing. Thank God for DVR’s!

    • mdlottery

      Joan: Mega Millions and Powerball can estimate future jackpots based upon sales leading into the drawing.

  • If i won the jackpot I would get a place to live in maryland, Like the on the maryland shore.

  • Patricia Weddle

    I heard the person in New York that won the jackpot was an illegal person. How can they claim that money if they are illegal?? I thought you had to have a SS #. I can see giving them a consolation prize for buying the ticket, but if they are illegal, they are not entitled to the money!! I certainly hope we are smarter than that!!

    • The Illegal dollar has the same value for a person who is legal in this country. You should be ashamed of your comment.

  • what is the cut off time to play any of the lottery games? I am asking because I went to a retailer to play the mega million and was told they cut off there machines at 8pm, if this is the case maybe they should not be operating a lottery machine in there location. I was there at 8:50pm

    • mdlottery

      M. Golden: Lottery rules and regulations state that the hours of operation for our terminals coincide with the hours of operation of the business. If you asked for a Mega Millions ticket at that time you should have received one. I will have our sales representative address this issue accordingly. Thanks for writing in.

  • Need help in Capitol Heights md, I’m a senior , and Lord oh mighty have senior bills, senior headaches,senior probles oh well you get it the picture I am just senior brok I sure could use a senior jackpot, praying senior payers

  • Melvy


    • mdlottery

      Melvy: The jackpot was won in New York. We had a tier-two $250,000 winner in Maryland.

  • Frances

    was the winner on the east coast again?

    • mdlottery

      Frances: The jackpot winner came from New York.

  • wad

    Nahh errybody…..tonight its my turn …yall can wait for tues. Night thank u
    Gd luck errybody …lol

  • Anim Jones

    I feel like the world’s biggest dummy but I have never played the lottery and don’t know anyone who plays so I don’t know how it works or even how to read the tickets. I am not illiterate — I have a BS in CompSci but somehow this thing baffles me (go figure). Is there a Maryland Lottery for Dummies site?

    • mdlottery

      Anim: Check out our games pages. There you’ll find details on how to play each of our lottery games.

      • Anim Jones

        It talks about prize structure but it isn’t on the page. Where is that info – can you send me a link?

        • mdlottery

          Anim: To learn how to play Mega Millions, click here.

          • George

            They keep telling you to look under PRIZE STRUCTURE, but the correct answer is look under PAYOUT… that shows how to win…the lottery officials are too close to the forest to see the trees…
            I hope this helps.

        • LES

          Anim, Go get your tuition back.

    • No tonight is our night because we have bought tickets every week and we can’t even win 10 dollars and we need it because my sister is in critical condition and need to help pay her bills

    • Teresa

      All you need to do is find a place that sells lottery tickets. If you have a dollar just ask for a power ball, or mega million choose randon, the machine picks the numbers for you,nothing to it. Then you check your tickets for winnings on the shown. Don’t need to be literate to play. Its simple. Good luck!! The rest you will learn to play later. Take your time its easy.

  • anaangulo

    Well I been paying for same months now all ways the same number 5,7,11,12,26(13).I alway HIT 2,3 numbers. I have never won any thing in my life but I have a feeling that soon I will win the big one. anaa.

  • Jessica

    Good luck to everyone!

  • mike

    lottery is a rip off save your money you will come out much better the whole system is set up to take your money and pay out as little as possible the agents are crooked and if you take a winning ticket to an agent and you believe that you have a winning ticket they (the agent) will give a lessor amount than the ticket pays if you win at all when you mess with the bull expect to get the horns banned the lottery and all forms of gaming in maryland it benifits no one and never will give to the homeless and sick who need it the most

    • mdlottery

      mike: We are sorry that you feel this way about the Lottery and our retailers. We would hope that all of our Lottery retailers are being fair and honest with our players. And, in instances where they are not, we always investigate. If you would like to give a particular retailers name where you felt you were cheated, we can look into that matter. We also want our players to know that all Marylanders benefit from the Lottery. Lottery revenues are deposited into the State’s General Fund. Over $510 million was contributed to support such services and programs as education, public health, human resources, public safety and much more, all of which greatly benefit the citizens of Maryland. Please refer our benefits page on our website for more information.

      • The guy at Royal Farms–no names, I hope it was a simple mistake…he scanned my BINGO tix and told me no winners…I gave him 6 to scan…he’s a nice guy, but is all nerves when I step up to his register…anyway, he told me no winners, but I knew 2 of my tix played and won small denominations–total of maybe $6-$8…so I said, wait a minute two of these tix have bingos, looked at them and asked him to recheck them…he apologized, but I wonder if her kjnew what he was doing…
        Again, probably just a simple mistake, and it’s not bank-breaking $$…but it was enough to play more cards…

        • mdlottery

          MamaChelle: If you or any player ever question the integrity of a retailer, please call our security office at 410-230-8800 and they will investigate the situation accordingly.

    • hondou

      Mike someone always win lottery, but I agree with u some extent when it comes to money going to the failing education system I dont see it. Money should be distributed amongst other programs its one of the richest institutions in the world, yet we have the worst economic system in the nation

      • mdlottery

        hondou: All Marylanders benefit from the Lottery. Lottery revenues are deposited into the State’s General Fund. Over $510 million was contributed to support such services and programs as education, public health, human resources, public safety and much more, all of which greatly benefit the citizens of Maryland. Please click here to see additional benefits of the Lottery.

  • k WILSON

    IVE BEEN PLAYING $20 A WEEK WITH THE SAME NUMBERS FOR 10 YRS. Time for me to win in Salisbry, MD 2,12,16,25,25 bonus random

    • hondou

      Wow what a hope and a dream have u calculated how much that has been over the years

      • Sandy29

        $10,400.00 for 10yrs Not to bad for a chance at millions.:):)

  • Patricia Richardson

    What ever it gone be me

  • Patricia Richardson

    Why donot have any big win in the Capitol Heights MD. Always in the balitmore or Glen Burner But not down in this areas where we spen a lot of money to just like everyone . please send us some luck too.

    • mdlottery

      Patricia: Thanks for writing in. We get this comment a lot. People living in Baltimore believe all the winners are elsewhere and vice versa. Truth is, the geographic locations of our winners are all random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our winners stories. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.

      • mike

        What steaming pile of BULLCRAP

  • Johnny

    It will be a young per this time. I am the one.


    You know how everyone is always saying, OH it was an old person who won it. Well come this friday i hope i’m that old person who wins the MEGA MILLIONS.