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Million-Dollar Winner Claims Her “Blessing in Disguise” [VIDEO]

Friday, July 29th, 2011


Silver Spring Woman wins top prize on Platinum Rewards scratch-off

Edna Ehrlich, an 84 year-old resident of Silver Spring, walked calmly today into Lottery Headquarters to claim her $1 million dollar win. The lucky winner, who enjoys Maryland Lottery games such as Keno, and Pick 4, was enjoying a routine breakfast at her favorite diner when she made the non-routine choice to purchase a scratch-off ticket.  “I hardly ever play scratch-offs” Ehrlich explained, “But something about this ticket just drew me to it.  I felt like I just had to get it.”

Ehrlich stayed at the diner to scratch her ticket, but never expected what would come next.  When her symbol matched with the $1,000,000 symbol, she explained her reaction as “quiet and under control.”  Ehrlich then approached the hostess and showed her the ticket and asked her to scan it to be sure she was seeing correctly.

Maryland’s newest millionaire is a mother of four daughters and grandmother to five.  Ehrlich explained that playing the Maryland Lottery, helping her neighbors, and having her regular raisin brown sugar oatmeal at her local diner as her simple pleasures.  “I am very thankful for all of the employees and friends that I have at the Tastee Diner” she expressed in a heartfelt manner.  “This win is a blessing in disguise, especially in hard economic times like today.”

Ehrlich’s number one priority after cashing in her million dollar win is to help with the medical costs for one of her daughters, who suffers from a serious medical condition.  She also plans on paying off all of her bills. “I stopped at my bank on the way here and showed the manager my ticket.  I told him to make a note that I would be back soon with my big check!” When asked if she had any advice for other Maryland Lottery players, Edna said that she “would like to wish luck to everyone.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the Tastee Diner, located at 8601 Cameron Street in Silver Spring.

Edna Ehrlich - Platinum Rewards

A beaming Edna Ehrlich shows off her $1 million Platinum Rewards win.

  • Doris Smith

    Congratulations Ms. Edna may God continue to bless you and family; as much as I would love to win, Iam so very happy for you.

  • I am soo glad you…Hope that your daughter health get better ..God knows Best..Enjoy your winnings

  • Reggie Adams

    God Bless you with your winning. I’m still waiting on my turn at millions. God bless you again.

  • Jay B

    I think they still have some in the Odenton stores off 175

  • Brenda

    Edna, God has truly blessed you and your family! We give Him thanks for His provisions!

  • Maurice

    congratulations and god bless you

  • Kerby

    God Bless You.

  • John

    I am happy for your blessing. I pray that God heals your daughter miraculously. I ask for blessings for all the lottery players.

  • francis

    In these tough economic times, instead of starting at 40 million,powerball authorities should start programmes that would liberalise winnings and thereby make more millioners. starting at 40 million does not produce more millioners. It can only concentrate more money in one hand. A million can change a life for better.

  • Vicky

    Edna, may your guardian angels and God’s favor continue to be with you always. Your daughters are blessed to have mother like you who included them as one of her first priorities when asked what you plan to do with your winnings.My answer will be the same when my blessing come around. Wishing you great health and many more blessing.

  • Hats off to you my LADY “CONGRAT” May God continue to BLESS you and your family.

  • KIM


  • Carol

    God Bless you and your family.. so glad to hear someone in need won… love to u and all your family..

  • David

    Thanks for the good luck wishes Edna and I hope your daughters’ illness is better, and thank God for the windfall for you and taking care of her medical bills to alleviate some of the stress off her. Wishing your daughter good luck in beating her sickness.

  • natops

    Congrats, I have been playing this game since it came out. Didn’t have much luck. When is the top prize drawing? Surley this game is nealy sold out?

    • mdlottery

      natops: The Platinum Rewards Top Prize Drawing will take place at least 182 days after the Last Claim Date, which has not occurred yet. The entry deadline and drawing date will be announced at that time. Stay tuned to mdlottery.com for upcoming details.

      • RD

        Can you tell us when the “last claim date” is for Platinum Rewards? I am anxious for the top prize drawing and would like to see it happen soon. I doubt anyone is going to be dropping $20 on PR anymore since both of the million dollar prizes are gone.


        • mdlottery

          RD: The date has not been announced. Stay tuned to our 2nd Chance Contest page. When the date is announced it will be published there.

        • Lucci

          @RD “I doubt anyone is going to be dropping $20 on PR anymore since both of the million dollar prizes are gone.”

          I’m still gonna play Platinum Rewards.

  • peggy

    God Loves You Edna. So Happy For You.

  • Lennice

    I just want to say that your Blessing is one of greatness. May every person that play have a great Blessing as well.

  • Cathy

    Congratulations, Edna! Now, I have a question for anyone who has an answer: Where can I still find the Player’s Club $20 scratchoff? Since it’s an older ticket, many retailers no longer carry it, however it still has two 1 million dollar top prizes on it. I live in Bowie, so don’t send me out too far!

    • Wally

      I’m looking for the Player’s Club too. I live in Germantown,Maryland. And I’ve been to every lottery retailer in Germantown,Maryland and none of them sell the Player’s Club. Also I have been to a couple of lottery retailers on the border of Germantown/Gaithersburg and none of them sell Player’s Club.

      • Melody

        Browns Liquors in Frederick still has them

        • Wally

          @Melody, I went to Brown’s Liquor in Frederick on 8/06/2011 at 7pm and the clerk and I could not find them. I was down on my last $20 dollars and decided to buy $20 worth of gas for my car.

  • Denise

    Hooray! Hooray! Nice one!

  • lady bug

    Edna i am so happy for you. And you sound so greatful and its nice to hear that you going to help your sick Daugther God knows best and he new that you need that winning ticket the most God bless you and your family