Millionaire Handyman Still Recycles Aluminum Cans

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Maryland Lottery Welcomes First $ 1 Million Mega Millions Megaplier Winner

When a 57-year-old Annapolis man became Maryland’s first $1 million Mega Millions Megaplier winner, he didn’t have the reaction you’d expect. “I looked at the ticket while I was eating and said ‘yeah, whatever,’” he told Lottery officials. At that time, he knew he had won a prize, but he didn’t know he had matched five of his numbers, making the handyman a millionaire.

The lucky winner purchased the ticket during a stop at his regular Lottery retail location. He purchased his normal Powerball and Mega Millions tickets, but when the clerk said he had an extra ticket that also had the Megaplier feature, he purchased it. “I always like an extra chance to win,” he said, describing the fortunate purchase.

Lottery players matching five numbers but not the Mega Ball win the $250,000 second-tier prize. The optional Megaplier feature is an additional $1 per play, and automatically increases all second-tier prizes to $1 million.

The hard-working millionaire doesn’t believe the win will change his routine. He says he will continue to provide handyman services and minor repair work at his properties. He also says he’ll continue to be thrifty, recycling the aluminum cans and materials from his worksite to make a few dollars.

The self-employed winner says the winnings will probably go to retirement savings but may also be used to purchase a new vehicle. The winning ticket was purchased at the Quick Mart convenience store, located at 2042 West Street in Annapolis.

  • SMMH

  • geral

    congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!! although i wish it was me….lol………

  • Denny Stankiewicz Jr

    Continue to be smart with your money and keep working. A million dollars is great but it can go fast. Congrats…

  • what a fortune recycle man allways a blessing from above

    • renee g.

      Dont change your ways handy man/can man. save it, help your family and live your same amazing life!