Mistake Turns into Win for Greenbelt Man

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Wins $50,000 on “Black” Ticket Scratch-Off

Arnold Ellis - BlackWhen Arnold Ellis of Greenbelt purchased his winning $50,000 “Black” ticket scratch-off, it wasn’t his first choice. As a matter of fact, he almost put the ticket back. However, once the clerk had taken it out of the dispenser he decided to keep it.

“When the owner pulled the ticket out of the case, I almost told him to put it back,” said Ellis. “But all of a sudden, I figured why not. When I started scratching the ticket I noticed that I had won $10,000. I thought I may need to take my blood pressure pills. After that, I just kept scratching and I kept winning more money!”

Winning is no stranger to the 63-year-old IT associate. He told Lottery officials that he recently won $1,600 on a trifecta when playing Racetrax. The lucky winner said that this win will help him achieve his goal of becoming totally debt free. Ellis intends to use some of his prize money for an up-coming trip and to buy his son a trombone for his birthday.

The winning ticket was purchased at Greenway Liquors on Greenbelt Rd. in Greenbelt. The new “Black” ticket scratch-off debuted last month and has three $1 million prizes. Mr. Ellis’ was the first person to claim one of seven $50,000 second-tier prizes.

  • Valarie

    Congrad Mr ELLIS I WANT TO NO WHY NO ONE WIN’S IN baltimore city always some where a distance away never in the city and we spend more MONEY.

  • john henry

    I have been been playing lotteries for over fifty years, i am going to tell you why PG county do not win lotteries. I teach math and believe me all of the lotteries are manipulated. With the computers they have today they can send winners anywhere they please. PG county is a predominate black county, you figure it out.

    • Jane

      John Henry: Being a math teacher you should know that the lottery is all about probability. The areas with more players (Balt. and PG/Mont. Counties) are going to produce more winners because they are playing more games. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with probability.

  • pat o’connor

    congrats dude!!!

  • rg

    I agree with L.Jackson and L. Brown. Two years ago I wrote to MD Lottery, asking why there’s never any big winners in PG County. Yes I did slow up on buying tickets.

  • gla

    The “BALTIMORE/DC” Lottery…gotta play to win! (in Baltimore/South,ONLY!!!)

  • brenda

    Glad for Mr.Ellis.. Let’s see a winner in Western Maryland!!!

    • deb

      Greenbelt is not in Western Maryland it’s right outside of Washington, DC

      • Traci

        Brenda didn’t say Greenbelt, MD was in Western Maryland. What she said was – let’s see a winner in Western, MD. Read more closely. Thank you!

  • carla

    i hope he gave the cashier a token of his appreciation for giving him the wrong but winning ticket!!!!

  • ok, now that pg county is on the map. come on fort washington make me a winner…

  • Pmack

    I concur congatulation to the gentleman. maybe someone from P.G. will win one of the three big ones next.

  • val

    I agree with Lyndon Jackson Sr.

  • Congrats, and gald to see it was in Prince George. I hope we will see more winner for this area.

  • Nakisha

    Nice to see a big win so close to home. I was thinking why and how so many winners in Baltimore??? Congrats my friend!!! Hope to win big nice time around!!!

  • DeeLee

    Congrats to you, sir.

  • Congrats. Hope to win something myself!

  • Ozzie Neff

    This was no mistake; it was his destiny. Way to go Arnie. Enjoy

  • dsafa

    awesome. Happy for ya

  • Tia

    Congratulations on your good fortune! I plan to be the next big winner!

  • LBrown

    Congratulations to Mr. Ellis. Great to know someone nearby is winning some of our money. I was beginning to wonder if you had to live in Baltimore to win. Now I know I am next. Thank you.

    • Lyndon Jackson Sr

      Congrats , a winner in my community is indeed great news . . i didn’t think they even release winning big money tickets in PG COUNTY . ( I know some folk including myself that had cut back on buying tickets just because of that thought .

      • Edra Dove

        congrats to you. god is good all the time.