Mother’s Day Gift Leads to Cruise Vacation

Friday, June 3rd, 2011
Maggie Bach - Cruise for Cash_web

Nottingham Woman Wins Cruise for Cash Prize

A very excited Maggie Bach came into Lottery Headquarters to claim the Caribbean cruise vacation she won on the Cruise for Cash scratch-off.  For Mother’s Day, the 48-year-old received $200 worth of scratch-off tickets from her daughter. The Cruise for Cash ticket turned out to be the ultimate gift.  Maggie, who has never been on a cruise, was very happy to win and called her daughter immediately with the news. The lucky winner continues to share the gift with her family.  “I’m taking my mom on the cruise,” she said.

“I was getting so tired from scratching all of those tickets that I almost stopped,” she said. “The only one left was the Cruise for Cash ticket.” Maggie continued, “I decided to scratch it anyway and here I am now.” Maggie’s daughter purchased the winning Cruise for Cash scratch-off from Giant #103, located at 6626 N. Ritchie Hwy in Glen Burnie.

Partnering with Royal Caribbean International, the Lottery launched Cruise for Cash in January. The $5 scratch-off is the first of its kind for the Maryland Lottery and features seven $50,000 instant top prizes and 31 instant seven-night cruise vacations for two, departing from Florida with a premium ocean view balcony stateroom; deluxe premium hotel accommodations for two for the night prior to cruise departure, $1,000 onboard credit and $500 spending money.

  • KF

    Are ALL winning tickets for any scratch off game distributed simultaneously at the beginning of the game, or periodically in subsequent months for the duration of the game? If the latter, how often are winning tickets distributed?
    Thank you.

    • mdlottery

      KF: Thanks for writing in. A unique algorithm is used to place winners randomly throughout the total print run of a game. There is no way for us to know where winners are located. Tickets are distributed through our retailer network throughout the life of the game. As retailers need more inventory, more books are provided.

      • KF

        Thank you for your response. Two more quick questions:
        1. Is the unique algorithm considered classified information, or is it available to the public so that lottery players are aware of how frequently winning tickets are distributed for each game?
        2. How does MD Lottery determine when the end date of a game will be, and will all winning tickets be distributed prior to the termination of a game? If not, is there a minimum percentage of winning tickets that must be distributed before a game is ended?
        Thank you.

        • mdlottery

          KF: The algorithms used to distribute the winners throughout the span of the game is classified information. However, the ratio of winning tickets for the life of a game can be found on the back of the ticket. Please note that if the average chance of winning a prize is 1:5, this does not mean there is an automatic winner within every five consecutive tickets. This ratio is calculated by the number of winning tickets through the life of the game and there is no pattern as to where winning tickets will occur.

          Our goal is to try to sell as many tickets as possible to sell out the game. With that said games are closed for many reasons. For instance, if a game doesn’t have many tangible prizes remaining our product development team may decide to close the game and get a new game with more tangible prizes available in retailers. When that happens all prizes remaining to into the unclaimed prize fund. By law, all unclaimed prizes must go back to players in some fashion. The unclaimed prize fund allows us to put together various promotions throughout the year like Keno Sprinkler and more.

          Good luck in the future.

          • KF

            Thank you.

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