Mother & Son Win $50,000 Bonus Match 5 Prize

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
The Katsoulis Family - Bonus Match 5

The Katsoulis family celebrates their Bonus Match 5 win.

For about a year, Baltimore native Athanasios Katsoulis and his mother Angeliki have collaborated on Bonus Match 5. The duo had been choosing what they hoped would be the winning numbers, but last Tuesday they decided to try the game’s Quick Pick option. One of the random numbers printed on their ticket matched that night’s draw making them $50,000 richer.

Athanasios said he first discovered the win when he stopped at a convenience store on the way home from work. When he checked their Bonus Match 5 ticket, he knew something was different. He asked the clerk to give him a printout of the winning numbers. “I said ‘I think I won big’ and the clerk said ‘I’ve got goose bumps,’” said Athanasios.

The lucky twosome has exciting plans for their winnings. Angeliki says she intends to take a trip to visit family in Greece. Athanasios, and his fiancé Angelica, will be marrying in May and he plans to use his share for the upcoming nuptials and subsequent honeymoon.

The winning ticket was purchased at Speedy Mart, located at 7501 Harford Rd. in Baltimore.

  • hazel mckelvin

    man, my daughter only know i play one number, her b-day, 124, she dont know i play the jackpots too, but she will know when i hit, because she knows she will be paid right up there with me, thats my baby-girl, my one and only, she dont play nothing, but she know mom got her back, just like i know she got mine, she dont even know how to play a number,one day our ship will come in, but until than i am just happy to be here, and blessed to have borned MARQUITA DAVIS,AKA,KITA, my pride and joy,4-life. we always said we would move to florida, and soak up the sunshine,relax,and enjoy the finer/better things in life, never would we forget the projects, especially SOMERSET PROJECTS< i was born there in 64, she was born there in 85, we will be the first mom and daughter duo to come from the pjs,to a mansion, well maybe not, i forgot about the hollywood peeps, well see ya, and remember, always BELEIVE,BELEIVE,BELEIVE

  • congrats glad someone n our city won have fun

  • congrats glad someone n our city won have fun

  • Anonymous

    Mom, already hit the gene pool lottery!! She looks more like the sister instead….Anywho congrats to you both!! Can’t wait to tell my lottery story =)