Multi-Match Outshines Bigger Games

Friday, January 21st, 2011

$550,000 Jackpot Win in Silver Spring is Second This Month

Multi-MatchIn what seems like an almost weekly occurrence around Lottery Headquarters, the agency’s Multi-Match game has produced another jackpot winner.  Last night’s winning numbers were matched by a Silver Spring player who now holds claim to a $550,000 jackpot.  The winner has 182 days to claim the prize.

When this jackpot is claimed it will mark the third big Multi-Match winner Lottery officials have met so far in 2011.  Last night’s win follows close on the heels of a $650,000 prize won by a Hagerstown man two weeks ago.  The winners of a $3.8 million jackpot won in December claimed their prize earlier this month.

“If you have your eyes on a jackpot, Multi-Match seems to be the lucky game,” reported Lottery Communications Director Carole Everett.  “We’re also hoping to see top-tier winners in Maryland from Mega Millions and Powerball in 2011.”

Multi-Match drawings can be viewed on Monday and Thursday nights at 11:22 PM on WBAL-TV Channel 11.  A $2 purchase delivers three lines of numbers and ten ways to win cash.  The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11 on Colesville Rd. in Silver Spring.

  • Staitt

    I suggest you revert to the old method of reporting results. This new method does not show the winning numbers and optional payouts.


    • mdlottery

      Staitt: Thanks for writing in. You can see the winning numbers and cash option for jackpot games using the corresponding game widget on the right hand side of the homepage.

      • Mike

        As Staitt said, “This new method does not show the winning numbers and optional payouts.” Yes, the new website layout tells the winning numbers, and eventually indicates whether or not the jackpot was won – but only by deduction (that is, if it’s back to $500,000 you know someone, or 10 someones, hit it). That’s all the information shown now. The old website told you how many people hit that particular jackpot, and how many people won 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. tiers below that. We WANT that information! Please restore it. Thank you.

        • mdlottery

          Mike: The new website does show the “detailed results” you are referring to. To view this information, click on the corresponding game tab on the homepage. From there you can click on the corresponding Detailed Results link provided for each game.

          • Mike

            Perfect! Thank you very much!