My Lottery Rewards: 1,000,000 Point Giveaway (Winners Announced)

Monday, November 4th, 2013
1,000,000 Point Giveaway


Enter now through December 15th

Looking for a boost to your My Lottery Rewards points? Do you want to get your account started with thousands of points so you can grab that coveted electronic, Major League Baseball merchandise or rent a movie from our digital marketplace?

Well, you’re in luck. For just 10 points, you can enter a drawing for a chance to win up to 30,000 points! We’re awarding a total of 1,000,000 points to 85 lucky drawing winners!

1,000,000 Point Giveaway - prize structure

Visit and enter your non-winning scratch-offs and don’t miss out on your chance to win points towards your prize of choice like a… iPod Touch Bundle, Golf Clubs, Digital Camera and more. Check out the full selection in the My Lottery Rewards Points for Prizes store.

Players can only win once. If selected twice, the player will win the higher point value. Points that are won will automatically be credited to the players account.

Giveaway Winners:

30,000 Points

Sharon Thomas-Weekes – Baltimore, MD
Debra Walton – Clinton, MD
Sandy Darrigo – Germantown, MD
Mary Green – Bowie, MD
Richard Sampson – Baltimore, MD
Ernest Jackson – Columbia, MD
Robert Alderman – Dundalk, MD
Jason Huggins – Elkridge, MD
Loretta Engram – Columbia, MD
Glenna Absher – Lansdowne, MD

20,000 Points

Armando Dorion – Silver Spring, MD
Chuck Famoso – Germantown, MD
Carol D’Antoni – Brooklyn Park, MD
Ronald Thompson – Baltimore, MD
Pearl Tracey – Union Bridge, MD
Robin Goldinger – West River, MD
Robert Christian – Baltimore, MD
Mitzi Laughman – Taneytown, MD
William Davis – Baltimore, MD
Ronald Robbins – Pasadena, MD
Kimberly Hill – Dundalk, MD
Robert Baker – Baltimore, MD
Celeste Matthews – Baltimore, MD
Patricia Lafferty – Baltimore, MD
Anne Kelley – Chevy Chase, MD

10,000 Points

Selvyn Hester – Cloverly, MD
Xuhui Chen – Montgomery Village, MD
Vanessa Jenkins – Baltimore, MD
Keisha Holmes – Baltimore, MD
Debra Deutser – Parkton, MD
Sandra Roe – Glen Burnie, MD
Carl Corley – Pikesville, MD
Regis Bryant – Upper Marlboro, MD
Noemi Robles – Baltimore, MD
Debra Mcclaskey – Essex, MD
Erika Clough – Easton, MD
Robin Shamer – Westminster, MD
Heather May – Glenburnie, MD
Dwayne Daniels – Baltimore, MD
Kim Spencer – New Market, MD
Stephanie Bean – Rockville, MD
Charlotte Atkins – Essex, MD
Nicholas Ritter – Fallston, MD
Denise Naylor – Baltimore, MD
Bernadette Clark – Baltimore, MD

5,000 Points

Jennifer Spencer – Arbutus, MD
Christopher Yelen – Ellicott City, MD
Antoinette Gaylord – Baltimore, MD
Carrollth White – Baltimore, MD
Maureen Johns – Rockville, MD
James Richey – Upper Marlboro, MD
Shaun Yowell – Rockville, MD
Ronald Bruce – Conowingo, MD
Tamara Kulick – Baltimore, MD
Theresa Roth-Mellinger – Dundalk Sparrows Point, MD
Steffan Johnson – District Heights, MD
Claudio Mej – S Bowie, MD
Kim Almony Poole – Chesapeake Beach, MD
David Hutchinson – Baltimore, MD
Allyn Feinstein – Reisterstown, MD
Calvin Lockner – Curtis Bay, MD
Fred Smith – Hagerstown, MD
Samuel Berhe – Silver Spring, MD
Andrew Cawthern – Baltimore, MD
Charles Gaither – Luthvle Timon, MD
Robert Hemmig – Abingdon, MD
Lois Smith – Glenburnie, MD
Robert Stouffer – Derwood, MD
Thomas Daniel – Mount Airy, MD
Brian Gregg – Upper Marlboro, MD
Kim Staghill – Pikesville, MD
Atum Mambe – Burtonsville, MD
Rosalind Houchins – Baltimore, MD
Alexander Pini – Bel Air, MD
Bonnie Duke – Severna Park, MD
Jeffrey Pullen – Burtonsville, MD
Allen Lewis – Oxford, MD
James Donati – Dundalk, MD
Laura Crowe – Middle River, MD
Ronald Carr Jr – Baltimore, MD
Cristen Jones – Columbia, MD
Shawn Kelly – Middle River, MD
Mary Beitman – Baltimore, MD
James. Baker – Wheaton, MD
Erkyihun Siressa – Clarksburg, MD


    what happens when you reach your 5000 points?

    • mdlottery

      Once a player enters enough tickets to earn 5,000 points, then entries will no longer receive points. Tickets may continue to be entered for any promotions, but points will not be earned. Entries will again receive points when the next calendar month begins.

  • Mary Lue Venable-Wright

    I don’t like lottery odds. We play to lose money over and over. In 2013 I have lost over 2400 can this be written off on taxes.

  • Deb

    If you notice……the balk of the winners always come from Baltimore area.

    • mdlottery

      Research tells us that more winners come from areas of the state that have a high population because in those areas more people are playing. For instance, if you have 1,000 players in City A and only 100 players in City B; City A is likely to produce more winners at nearly a 10:1 rate. With that said, the geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. Please take a look at our winner stories. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.

  • Kevin

    Southern Maryland left out again…

  • chris

    Feel surprised to see my name up there..:) wish it were dollars not points but I’ll take them for sure..

  • Anthony

    When will people in leonardtown win something for once

  • Jeanette Emery

    Yes , Feel cheated like Monnie, it always happens up the road, I had enter so many tickets but it seems farther away those people get it

  • Monnie

    Feel Cheated

  • Steve Benge

    will the winners be posted ?

    • mdlottery

      The winners have been posted. Good luck!

  • Steve Benge

    so when is the drawings. when will the winners be posted

  • Jase Leonard

    ok i have a ton of entries and i just want to know when will we get list of winners or when will the drawing be since today is the drawing

  • Ronald Craine

    Misleading as hell!!! I have maxed my points for Dec thinking I’m in the mix. (note to MD Scammery) I do believe I’m in the top 5 for points all time since inception…but I guess I missed the ultra fine print…

  • mdlottery

    Hi John-
    Did you check your Spam inbox in case the email went there? If you still haven’t received the confirmation email, please fill out a feedback form and someone will assist you.

  • Md lottery loser

    Cannot enter contest please fix

  • Md lottery loser

    There is a problem entering drawing I have over 29000 points and it will not let me enter

    • mdlottery

      Please use the following link to fill out a member feedback form, and someone from My Lottery Rewards will assist you in entering.

    • Carolyn Davis

      can’t enter can you fix it

    • Karolyn Gladden

      Hi iam in The Same boat.
      I Need To know Why Can’t Enter

      • mdlottery

        Hi Karolyn, unfortunately this giveaway has ended. Keep an eye out for other My Lottery Rewards promotions and giveaways coming throughout this year.