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My Lottery Rewards Program Adds Digital Marketplace

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Maryland Lottery expands points-for-prizes initiative

Lottery Digital Marketplace The Maryland Lottery’s popular My Lottery Rewards program is launching a Digital Marketplace feature this week to expand its extensive rewards program.

My Lottery Rewards, which started this summer, enables Lottery players to turn non-winning scratch-off tickets into points to redeem for prizes from an online store or for local business discounts. Players can also access exclusive second-chance promotions and opportunities. Currently, My Lottery Rewards has more than 22,000 members and growing daily.

This new feature allows members to apply points to buy or rent movies and purchase music downloads, e-books and audio books. The Digital Marketplace library contains more than 6 million music tracks, thousands of new movies and more than 500,000 e-books and audio books.

The feature’s redemption process is simple. The number of points required to rent or purchase will vary from item to item. For example, members can swap 70 to 130 points for a single music download, 500 points for the movie rental of “A Good Day to Die Hard” and 2,500 points for the movie purchase of “Jack the Giant Slayer.” Members can stream the items to mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices.

Not yet a My Lottery Rewards member? Joining is simple! Visit mdlottery.com/rewards and register now.

  • Joe Loyd

    How I know if win

    • mdlottery

      Hi Joe-
      Which game are you trying to figure out?

  • vicki frampton

    I love the md lottery rewards because I have so many non-winning scratch offs how are the scratch offs distributed there are never any large winning ones over 1000 I talked to all retailers in my area 21227 and they are upset also I know that it is based on luck but there is alot more luck going in balt.city and pg county maybe the way there distributed should be investigated I am sure the reply will be you hear this a lot but it is just seems like there is something wrong winners map is also proof you will see never has been a large winner scratch off I thought I would bring this to your attention

  • jacquelyn

    im trying to login but it keep taking me back to registration

  • charles martin

    True..I don’t even know someone that has won..and I know a lot of people that play

  • vicki frampton

    i have been in every promotion md lottery has and never win or get picked i feel like giving up i am sure you get this comment alot you can see by my nonwinning tickets and and scratch offs entered i put in alot of nonwinning tickets just venting