Oliver Beach Woman Becomes Maryland’s Newest Millionaire [VIDEO]

Monday, September 12th, 2011


Oliver Beach Resident Wins Top Prize on Big Money Mega Play Scratch-Off

Yesterday afternoon, Anna Belle Davis had a hankering for some mint chocolate chip ice cream. When the Oliver Beach resident made a trip to her local Royal Farms store to buy some she was disappointed to find they were all out of her favorite frozen confection. She then decided to indulge in a different pleasure, a Maryland Lottery scratch-off. “I couldn’t get my ice cream, so I decided to buy three scratch-offs from the Instant Ticket Vending machine,” said the exuberant winner. That lucky turn of events would result in a $1 million windfall for the 52-year-old leasing agent, who was accompanied to Lottery Headquarters by her husband, Rick and nephew, Scott.

“I picked this game because of the $1 million top prize,” she told officials, “I always like to go for the biggest prizes.” Taking it home to play, Anna Belle scratched the ticket with her “lucky quarter.” She saw she had a match, and then scratched the prize amount. “When I saw all those zeros I couldn’t believe it, I just started screaming.” Rick, a truck driver, came in to check on her and helped calm things down long enough to confirm that they were $1 million richer.

The couple plans to pay bills and invest some of their winnings. While a long-overdue vacation may be in their immediate plans, the biggest joy they’ll get from the win is the knowledge that they won’t be working forever; that there is a relaxing retirement in their future. “It won’t be happening soon, but to know that it will be happening eventually is wonderful,” said a glowing Anna Belle. The lucky Big Money Mega Play ticket was purchased from the Royal Farms convenience store, located at 12545 Eastern Ave. in Chase.

Anna Belle Davis - Big Money Mega Play

An exuberant Anna Belle Davis shows off her $1 million win.

  • hazel mckelvin

    way to go mrs. davis, with just1i mil, i would not retire either, but i will relax, and enjoy the fruits. i have played at that royal farms too, i live in essex, my son in law live right there in olive beach ct. too, his name is mickey, wife name kelly, dog name raven, maybe it wasnt my time to hit when i played it there that day, but one day yall gonna be reading my story, just enough money to relax with,i will take that, i always said, 1 mil, i wont stop working, but over 1 mil, i will, over 2 mil, i will give my ____,a         K.M.A., letter of resignation, feel me yall, thats how i roll, shit,hell, i mean hell, shit.but until than i will keep wishing,praying,playing, and thanking god for my blessings, and protection.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle: You can learn all about “how to claim” your prize here.