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Olney Man Wins Second $50,000 Prize in One Month’s Time [VIDEO]

Friday, July 27th, 2012


Chalks Up $100,000 in Winnings

Congratulations…again,” Lottery staff said in greeting to Donald Cole III. The familiar face walked into the Lottery headquarters’ winners’ lounge for the second time in just one month’s time to claim another $50,000 win. The gregarious 52-year-old resurrected his “cabbage patch” victory dance as he celebrated his good fortune.

Donnie, as he refers to himself, won his first $50,000 prize on the Big Money Mega Play scratch-off on June 26. He was back at Lottery headquarters just one day shy of a month later on July 25 to claim his $50,000 win on the Silver & Gold scratch-off.

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The elated winner was following his typical routine of scratching his tickets to his favorite heavy metal “head-banging” music when he discovered the second prize. “I just looked at it and looked at it again,” said Donnie. “The shock wore off a lot quicker this time,” he said with a laugh. Donnie immediately called his wife of nine years, who he affectionately refers to as his bride, and told her the news. “She was mildly stunned and borderline ecstatic,” said Donnie dryly.  Donnie recounted his recovery from a life-threatening brain aneurysm in 1999 and added, “She told me again, like she always does, ‘You are the world’s luckiest guy.’”

While Donnie said his last winnings were earmarked for “buying things I don’t need,” this time around he intends to take donate to animal rescue causes. Once again, the winning ticket was purchased at Olney Shell, located at 18040 Georgia Ave. in Olney.

Donald Cole III - Silver & Gold

Donald Cole III takes home $50k for the second time in a month

  • DaveyB

    That is Bananas! Good for you Donnie!

  • Faith

    Way to go Donnie – Nobody deserves it more than you!!

  • Angie

    God Bless You for donating to animal causes! If I could be so lucky I would do the same. I hope your lucky streak continues!

  • Hugh

    “Run to the hills…”  Congrats!

    • Photo412

      “Hallowed Be Thy Name”!  Dickenson holds that note forever…

  • Tinkeethom


  • Bns69420

    I think its wonderful that you are donating to animal rescue. If I were lucky enough to win I would do the same. Congratulations!!! 

  • Barb Clay

    Donnie, you always said you were the world’s luckiest man, and I never doubted that!  Best to you and your bride….enjoy your good fortune, enjoy life.

  • Slyw57

    The Maryland Lottery is behind schedule!!  They need to offer more games like other states, especially the 5 digit game, called the pick 5 where numbers balls from 0 thru 9 are drawn.  Maryland Lottery also needs to add online ticket sales. 

    Georgia Lottery approves online ticket sales!!