Widower Becomes $1 Million Winner

September 8th, 2015

CHOPU58 - Hit it Big_webA grocery store employee who goes by a nickname from his old neighborhood in Washington, D.C., won $1 million on the Hit It Big scratch-off ticket just three days after his wife passed away.

Three days after losing his wife, grocery store employee wins on Hit It Big scratch-off

A grocery store employee from Capitol Heights has experienced two life-changing occurrences in less than a week. The first was among his saddest moments. But the other made him a $1 million winner.

When he arrived at Lottery headquarters on Sept. 8 to claim his $1 million top prize on a Hit It Big scratch-off ticket, only one week had passed since the death of his wife. He purchased and scratched the winning ticket just three days after she passed away.

“I think she sent it to me, I really do,” the winner said. “It’s a blessing from God. I’ve never been rich. I’ll be able to do a lot of things I need to do at this moment. I’ll be able to lay her to rest the way she would have wanted. It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The lucky winner is an avid scratch-off player and has won prizes before. He was a $10,000 winner on a $5 ticket several years ago and has had a few wins of $100 and $500. His $1 million prize was the result of persistence. After finishing his shift, he purchased four of the $20 Hit It Big tickets from a vending machine at the Safeway store at 5000 Bradley Blvd. in Bethesda, but didn’t win anything.

“I decided to try one more,” he said. “I scratched it and I looked and saw I matched the number for a million dollars, and I just stood up and said, ‘Oh my God.’ I was in temporary shock. I went to a couple of my co-workers – they were still working – and I said, ‘Look at this, I won a million dollars.’ And they said, ‘No you didn’t!’ They didn’t believe it, but they looked at the ticket and started hugging me.”

The father of four grown children and grandfather of five was married to his wife for three years, but they had been together as a couple for 15 years. He has no special plans for his prize money, but said he believes in “giving something back.”

“I want to do something for someone who really needs it,” he said. “Someone I don’t even know who really needs something.”

The retailer is a winner as well. For selling the winning ticket, the Safeway store will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery. The Hit It Big ticket was launched in June, and this was the first of its three $1 million prizes to be claimed. That means there are still two more waiting to be found at retailers across the state, along with four $50,000 prizes and 24 $10,000 prizes.

Water Worker Drained by $30,000 Lottery Win

September 8th, 2015

Claims top prize on Twisted Treasures scratch-off

193-Twisted-Treasures-ITVM_P2-greenA Capitol Heights man who devotes his days to working with water pipes and water meters discovered a gusher of a win playing the Maryland Lottery’s Twisted Treasures scratch-off. The loyal player, who made Twisted Treasures his game of choice earlier this year, unearthed its $30,000 top prize!

“I was floored,” said the Prince George’s County resident.

Lottery luck found the bachelor last week. He was headed home after a funeral when he stopped at his favorite Lottery retailer, Central Avenue Restaurant & Liquors in Capitol Heights, to buy a beer and his favorite $3 scratch-off.

“I scratched it when I got home,” he said. “I went over the ticket twice. I said, ‘Nah,’ and I looked at it and I looked at it again and I set it down on the sofa. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t seeing things.”

The happy man took the scratch-off to a corner store, where he scanned it and confirmed his win. The 57-year-old then took the ticket to an Expanded Cashing Authority Program retailer only to discover the store’s Lottery cashing limit was $5,000. Because the Lottery was closed for the long Labor Day holiday weekend, the scratch-off fan had no choice but to wait to claim his prize.

“I kept extremely quiet,” he said, explaining that he has only told one co-worker about his win. “It seemed like time was slowing down until I could come here.” The days passed slowly. “I hid the ticket in a drawer in my bedroom and stayed at home all weekend,” he said. The winner plans to pay off bills with his prize and spend the rest on a cruise vacation.

Also a winner is the Prince George’s County retailer which sold him the winning top-prize ticket. Central Avenue Restaurant & Liquors at 1 Yost Place in Capitol Heights will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery. The scratch-off has four unclaimed top-prize tickets in Maryland stores along with 19 $1,000 winners.

Detailed Multi Match Results – 9/7/2015

September 7th, 2015
Multi-Match Detailed Results
Monday, September 7, 2015
 5 of 6 ($1,000) 20
4 of 6 ($20) 765
3 of 6 ($2) 11,427
Number of Winners Matching on Multiple Lines
10+ of 18 ($2,000) 1
9 of 18 ($500) 9
8 of 18 ($100) 79
7 of 18 ($20) 574
6 of 18 ($7) 2,654
5 of 18 ($2) 8,971
Jackpot Winner No
Amount Won N/A
Cash Option N/A
Next Drawing Thurs., September 10, 2015
Jackpot Amount $1,100,000
Cash Option $875,000

My Lottery Rewards: Win a New Laptop – Winners Announced!

September 7th, 2015

Dell Laptop_MLR

Winners Announced:

Mary Legette from Perry Hall
Frances DiGiacomo from Abingdon
Brian Cook from Dundalk
Osman Will from Potomac
William Propst from Oldtown

Prize Details:
Dell® Inspiron™ 15 15.6-inch 5000 Series Laptop: Features include an LED backlit touch display with Truelife and HD resolution (1366X768), an Intel® BYT-M Pentium processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, a tray load DVD drive that reads and writes to DVD/CD, Intel HD graphics, Intel dual-bank wireless plus Bluetooth® 4.0, standard keyboard, removable 4-cell battery, 3-in-1 card reader (card not included), stereo speakers, one HDMI port, one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports and a combo headphone/microphone jack.

Drawing Rules:
Entry dates: Monday, September 7, 2015 at 00:00:00 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) – Sunday, October 4, 2015 at 11:59:59 PM ET.

Drawing Date: Monday October 5, 2015. 15 points required for entry. Five (5) winners for the Dell® Inspiron™ Laptop will be randomly drawn.



Official Rules apply.

Dell Inspiron is a trademark of Dell, Inc.

Powerball Detailed Results – 09/05/15

September 6th, 2015


Powerball Detailed Results
Saturday, September 5
Match PB Winners Prize Amounts Number of Winners in MD Power Play Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0 3 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 34 $10,000 0 0
4 0 952 $100 16 2
3 1 1,502 $100 41 5
3 0 51,362 $7 1,104 143
2 1 25,670 $7 562 73
1 1 161,268 $4 3,652 475
0 1 310,504 $4 6,867 879
TOTAL 551,295 12,242 1,577
Jackpot Winner NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing Wed. 09/09/15
Jackpot Amount $149,000,000
Cash Option $94,800,000

Mega Millions detailed results – 9/4/15

September 5th, 2015
Mega Millions Detailed Results
Friday, September 4
Megaplier x5
Match Mega Ball Total Winners Prize Amount Number of Winners in MD Total Number of Megaplier Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0 1 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 18 $5,000 0 0
4 0 349 $500 10 1
3 1 1,766 $50 53 6
2 1 24,791 $5 782 67
3 0 41,043 $5 1,316 121
1 1 344,608 $2 11,245 1,037
0 1 895,983 $1 29,260 2,703
TOTAL 1,308,559 42,666 3,935
Jackpot Winner NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing     Tue. 09/08/15
Jackpot Amount  $95,000,000
Cash Option  $58,800,000

Triple 6s Mean Holiday Weekend Cash for Pick 3 Players

September 4th, 2015

Midday drawing delivers massive payout

Friday’s midday Pick 3 drawing left a group of lucky Lottery players with handfuls of extra cash for the Labor Day Weekend.

The 6-6-6 drawn on Friday afternoon resulted in payouts of more than $1.75 million, greatly outpacing the $330,400 in sales for the drawing. The payout percentage totaled a whopping 532%.

It marked the second time in less than a week that the Pick 3 number was a “triple.” The evening drawing on Aug. 30 was 7-7-7, which paid out more than $1.05 million on sales of $304,800.

Large payouts are common in the Maryland Lottery’s Pick 3 and Pick 4 games when popular combinations, triples or quadruples are drawn, because many players frequently play those combinations.

Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawings take place at midday and evening, seven days a week. They are televised on WBAL-TV 11 and posted on mdlottery.com.

Detailed Multi-Match Results – 09/03/2015

September 3rd, 2015
Multi-Match Detailed Results
Thursday, September 3, 2015
 5 of 6 ($1,000) 12
4 of 6 ($20) 759
3 of 6 ($2) 12,973
Number of Winners Matching on Multiple Lines
10+ of 18 ($2,000) 3
9 of 18 ($500) 11
8 of 18 ($100) 92
7 of 18 ($20) 563
6 of 18 ($7) 3,002
5 of 18 ($2) 9,969
Jackpot Winner No
Amount Won 0
Cash Option 0
Next Drawing Mon., September 7, 2015
Jackpot Amount $1,050,000
Cash Option $850,000

A Quick Stop to Pick Up Wife Helped A Montgomery County Man Win $10K

September 3rd, 2015

Won good fortune by playing Hot Hand scratch-off

198-Hot-Hand-ITVMRafael Reyes, a 59-year-old copy machinist from Montgomery Village, won a $10,000 prize after playing a Hot Hand scratch-off ticket. The Montgomery County resident decided to purchase a few of the instant tickets from the 7-11 at 785 Rockville Pike after being off.

“I just can’t tell you how shocked I was when I first started scratching the ticket. Initially, I thought I had won the top $50,000 prize but then I quickly realized that it was for $10,000,” he said. “I’ll certainly take it though. I’m still shocked that I won.”

The lucky winner told Lottery officials that this was his first big win. “I just can’t explain how this win helps.”

He said that he’d pay some on his mortgage, buy his wife a new computer, and buy a few tickets to a Ravens’ game.

Oxon Hill Man Thanking Mom for $25,241 Racetrax Win

September 3rd, 2015

Superfecta bet brings home big prize

An Oxon Hill grandfather of six who seldom plays Maryland Lottery games did so this week – and is he ever glad he did! His $1 Racetrax Superfecta bet delivered a $25,241 prize that will allow the winner and his wife to travel to his native Philippines in time for his mom’s funeral.

“I can’t even believe it,” said the grateful winner.

Only one day before Lottery luck arrived, the 11-year American resident received a phone call from one of his nine brothers and sisters who live in the Philippines. His 88-year-old mother had just passed away. Could he come home for the funeral? Even though he lacked the funds to do so, the 60-year-old said, “Yes.” He then began simultaneously mourning his mother’s death and worrying about how to afford the trip.

The Prince George’s County resident and his wife agreed that they would find a way to get him there, even if it meant putting the bill on a credit card. The father of four adult children went to his employer the next day for permission to take time off from his job as a computer and phone cable installer.

“I’m driving with tears in my eyes because I have no money and I need to go home,” he said. He even appealed aloud to his mother for help. “Along the way home, I felt called to stop at the store.” He visited Livingston Woods Liquors in Oxon Hill, which is a Lottery retailer, and bought a Racetrax ticket. He played 3, 5, 6 and 11, which were the four numbers that caught his eye when using a nearby ATM.

“To my surprise, it won!” he said. “I know my mother guided me. She saw me when I was driving.”

The happy man called his wife and whispered the good news to her over the phone. “I won,” he said. “I won big! You can go with me now.” The couple claimed the prize at Lottery headquarters and planned to leave immediately for the Philippines.

Also happy with the win is the retailer. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket over $10,000, Livingston Woods Liquors at 7408 Livingston Road in Oxon Hill will receive a bonus of $252.41.