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Allegany County Man All Shook Up Over $10,000 Scratch-off Win

February 14th, 2017

Finding a $10,000-winning Bonus 7-11-21 scratch-off had Brady of Allegany County shaking in his boots!

Little Orleans retailer sells big winner in Bonus 7-11-21 game

Working outdoors all day during Western Maryland winters could have some folks shaking in their boots. But not “Brady” of Allegany County. It took a $10,000-winning Maryland Lottery scratch-off to do that to this hardy outdoorsman!

“I was shaking pretty badly,” said the 18-year-old, who was with a friend at BP Price Quality Fuel in Little Orleans when he decided to splurge on a few scratch-offs. They were waiting for his friend’s food when he picked out the games, including a $2 Bonus 7-11-21 scratch-off.

“I hadn’t played in about three months,” Brady said. “We were in the parking lot and we went to the car and I scratched one and said, ‘No, it’s a dud,’ and then I scratched the second one.”

His friend, who accompanied the winner and his dad to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, took over the tale.

“He said, ‘What’s 4 plus 4 plus 3’ and I said, ’11,’ and he said, ‘I won $10,000!’ and I said, ‘No way!’”

Sure enough, the prize for adding three numbers in a game block was $10,000 if the numbers added up to 7, 11 or 21.

The happy trio celebrated with a photo in the Lottery Winner’s Circle room before heading back to Western Maryland. Brady plans to spend his prize on college expenses and car repairs.

The Bonus 7-11-21 game, which went on sale Dec. 27, still has plenty of unclaimed prizes including four more $10,000 top prizes and thousands of others ranging from $2 to $1,000. Want to try your Lottery luck at Brady’s retailer? Visit the Little Orleans business at 35206 National Pike.

My Lottery Rewards: Enter to Win a Tool Kit – Winners Announced!

February 14th, 2017

Winners Announced:

Deborah Amos from Glen Burnie, MD
Robert Bagley from Hyattsville, MD
Jeff Beard from Swanton, MD
Frank Bryant from Baltimore, MD
Gerald Cain from Baltimore, MD
Jacqueline Chancio from Oxon Hill, MD
Richard Copsey from Mechanicsville, MD
Lloyd De Freitas from Montgomry Vlg, MD
Anil Jajistar from Abingdon, MD
Carl Jones from Bowie, MD
Diwoa Jones from Landover Hills, MD
Kevin Kelly from Cumberland, MD
Marvin Laney from Silver Spring, MD
Charles Lyons III from Bel Air, MD
Dolores Maddox from Jarrettsville, MD
David Melton from Stevensville, MD
Tonya Moncur-Clemons from Elkridge, MD
Seifu Mulugeta from Burtonsville, MD
Elaine Parker from Northwood, MD
Brenda Pockey from St Leonard, MD
Milton Ramos from Silver Spring, MD
Arash Rasouli Shahmiri from Ellicott City, MD
Thomas Smith from Grasonville, MD
Ollene Smith-Lee from Frederick, MD
William “Thomas, Jr.” from Shady Side, MD


This Tool Kit Prize includes:

  • One DeWalt DCK265L 18 Volt Cordless Compact Li-Ion Drill / Impact Combo Kit featuring two versatile tools – both powered by compact lithium-ion batteries that allow for a quick 30-minute charge time and more run time. The compact drill/driver and impact driver in the DCK265L combo kit are lightweight and compact for use in tight spaces without fatigue. Both tools in this combo kit also have anti-slip comfort grips for maximum comfort and control. Energy Star® rated.

Drawing Rules

Entry dates: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 00:0000 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) – Monday, March 13, 2017 at 11:59:59 PM ET.

Drawing Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

15 points required for entry.

Twenty five (25) winners of the tool kit will be randomly drawn.


Official Rules apply.


Multi-Match Detailed Results – Monday , February 13, 2017

February 13th, 2017
Multi-Match Detailed Results
Monday, February 13, 2017
5 of 6 ($1,000) 9
4 of 6 ($20) 508
3 of 6 ($2) 8,327


Number of Winners Matching on Multiple Lines
10+ of 18 ($2,000) 0
9 of 18 ($500) 8
8 of 18 ($100) 60
 7 of 18 ($20) 383
6 of 18 ($7) 1,850
5 of 18 ($2) 6,450
Jackpot Winner NO
Amount Won N/A
Cash Option N/A
Next Drawing Thursday, February 16, 2017
Jackpot Amount $700,000
Cash Option $350,000

Cash4Life Detailed Results 02/13/17

February 13th, 2017


Cash4Life Detailed Results
Monday, February 13
17-18-24-25-41  / 01
Match CashBall Winners Prize Amounts Number of Winners in MD
5 1 0 $1,000 a day for life 0
5 0 0 $1,000 a week for life 0
4 1  17 $2,500  1
4 0 53 $500 1
3 1 721 $100 57
3 0 2,517 $25 159
2 1 13,095 $10 1,020
2 0 43,605 $4 2,995
1 1 82,013 $2 5,817
TOTAL 142,021 10,050
Top Prize Winner NO
Next Drawing Thursday 02/16/17

Cumberland Restaurant Worker Serves Up $50,000 Surprise

February 13th, 2017

Cumberland restaurant worker Jana Northcraft celebrates her $50,000 You Win scratch-off prize!

Claims top prize on You Win scratch-off

Last Thursday, Jana Northcraft of Cumberland purchased two You Win scratch-offs at Parkview Liquors and took them home to scratch, never imaging she was holding a $50,000 top-prize winner in her hands.

“The first ticket I scratched was the big winner,” said the 19-year-old restaurant server. “When I saw how much I won, I showed my mom. Neither of us believed it.”

Jana went back to the store to confirm her win, signed the back of the instant ticket and locked it in a safe until Monday, when she came to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim her prize. The excited Allegany County winner plans to pay off some of her car loan, but isn’t sure what she’ll do with the rest of her winnings.

For selling the top-prize winning ticket, Parkview Liquors at 82 Green St. in Cumberland will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery. The $5 You Win scratch-off, which launched in August, has two $50,000 top prizes remaining and 10 $5,000 prizes along with thousands of other ranging from $5 to $1,000.

‘Color Analyst’ Seeing Green After $50,000 Scratch-off Win

February 13th, 2017

A happy Hyattsville “Color Analyst” is celebrating his $50,000 top-prize scratch-off win.

Hyattsville resident wins top-prize on Triple Green Crossword game

A Hyattsville man who has spent two dozen years analyzing and mixing paint for a national company’s retail outlets and commercial operation is seeing lots and lots of green, courtesy of his brush with Maryland Lottery luck.

The self-dubbed “Color Analyst” is celebrating his win of $50,000 on a Triple Green Crossword scratch-off.

The 61-year-old loves playing the Lottery’s bingo and crossword games. He regularly picks up a few tickets to play after work or on weekends and visits several favorite retailers. On the day Lottery luck came his way, the Prince George’s County resident was at Riggs Road Mart in Hyattsville.

The grandfather of two spotted the Triple Green Crossword game, which is one of his favorites, and bought that $5 instant ticket along with two $5 bingo scratch-offs and two $10 bingo scratch-offs. He went home to cook dinner for his girlfriend and then the two of them settled in to watch TV. That’s when he started scratching off his tickets.

“I’ve won $500 here and there,” he said, “and $1,000 twice about three months apart.” Winning is not new to him but winning a prize this large generated a lot of excitement.

“I was like, ‘Whoa,’ when I saw six words and then I found a seventh word and then eight words, which was $1,000.”

Revealing the final two words meant he won $50,000 and he started jumping up and down, shouting with joy.

The father of two plans to use some of his prize money to pay off bills. He also plans to share some funds with his daughter, who lives in his native country in the Caribbean and is planning an addition for her mother’s house. That home renovation project will benefit from his prize, he said.

Also a winner is the retailer, located at 5851 Riggs Road. The Hyattsville store will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize scratch-off in the Triple Green Crossword game.

Barber’s Keno Bonus Win Brings $30,000 Bonanza

February 13th, 2017

Lucky hunch delivers winning numbers and big prize

A Frederick County barber who called a family member for lucky numbers was sporting a winning smile at Lottery headquarters after claiming his $30,000 Keno prize.

The hardworking 27-year-old splits time between two jobs in a fast-food establishment and the family-run salon. When not working, he’ll play a few rounds of Keno. A family member who often phones or texts him with hunches about lucky Keno numbers introduced him to his hobby a few years ago. Whichever of them is closest to a Lottery retailer will play the numbers.

The exciting saga of this Keno win began when the Frederick man, using numbers from his relative’s hunch, placed an 8-spot Keno bet with the Bonus option for three games. Each of the eight numbers – 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 – matched numbers drawn during one of the games, winning him a $10,000 prize. Because he elected to play the optional Bonus feature, the barber tripled his win!

When he scanned the ticket later, he couldn’t believe his luck.

“I thought this must be fake and asked the clerk to re-check the ticket,” he said.

The happy man immediately called the family member who provided the lucky “hunch” to share his good news.

The lucky player said he plans to use the winnings to pay some bills and reinvest in the family salon. He purchased his winning Keno ticket at Manny Mart located at 119 South Market Street in Frederick. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more, Manny Mart receives a bonus of $300 from the Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize.

Powerball Detailed Results 02/11/17

February 12th, 2017


Powerball Detailed Results
Saturday, February 11
05-09-17-37-64- 02– x2
Match PB Winners Prize Amounts Number of Winners in MD Power Play Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0  5 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 25 $50,000  1 0
4 0 838 $100 21 1
3 1 2,006 $100 43 1
3 0 53,134 $7 1,254 112
2 1 41,751 $7 1,032 108
1 1 304,468 $4 7,894 799
0 1 701,295 $4 17,991 1,783
TOTAL 1,103,522 28,236 2,804
Jackpot Winner NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing Wednesday 2/15/17
Jackpot Amount $310,000,000
Cash Option $189,300,000

Mega Millions Detailed Results 02/10/17

February 11th, 2017


Mega Millions Detailed Results
Friday, February 10
32-39-51-62-75 – 14
Megaplier x5
Match Mega Ball Total Winners Prize Amount Number of Winners in MD Total Number of Megaplier Winners In MD
5 1 0 Jackpot 0
5 0  1 $1,000,000 0 0
4 1 23 $5,000 0 0
4 0 210 $500 7 1
3 1 1,124 $50 42 3
2 1 16,300 $5 579 49
3 0 25,902 $5 868 76
1 1 224,824 $2 7,596 705
0 1 647,474 $1 22,253 2,181
TOTAL  915,858 31,345  3,015
Jackpot Winner NO
Jackpot Amount
Cash Option
Next Drawing Tuesday  2/14/17
Jackpot Amount $38,000,000
Cash Option  $22,900,000

Princess Anne Resident Enjoys Coffee, Scratch-off, Tax-free Prize

February 10th, 2017

Somerset County man wins $50,000 on All Cash, No Taxes game

A 47-year-old Somerset County man who is a huge fan of scratch-off games finally hit the big one. The lucky player has won small amounts before, but when he made a recent routine stop before work he scratched his way to a nice little nest egg.

Every day before work, the landscaper stops at the Royal Farms Store at 30452 Mount Vernon Road in Princess Anne for a cup of coffee and scratch-off games. On Feb. 9, he purchased only one ticket, the $5 All Cash No Taxes game. He scratched it there in the store and what he saw was amazing.

“I immediately matched the first number with a prize amount of $5,000,” said the winner. “That’s when my friend told me to quietly scratch the rest of the ticket, because it could be more.”

To the lucky player’s surprise, indeed it was a lot more. As the Princess Anne resident continued to scratch the game he revealed a string of $5,000 prize amounts – 10 of them, to be exact – totaling $50,000. What is even more exciting, is that just as the title of the ticket indicates, the All Cash No Taxes game is tax-free, which means the winner will receive the entire $50,000 amount.

The father of five folded his ticket, put it in his phone case and continued on to work. After sharing the news with his supervisor, she agreed to let him take the next day off to claim the big prize. That night was a restless one for the lucky player.

“I really can’t believe it,” he said. “I tossed and turned all night eventually just getting up for good around 2 a.m.”

Later that morning, the winner’s friend drove him to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim his prize. The winner hasn’t yet made plans for the prize, but said he will help his children and put the rest of the money into savings.

“I can do some of things I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the money,” he said with a smile.

The All Cash No Taxes game was launched in December, and six of its $50,000 tax-free prizes have not yet been claimed. There are also 12 unclaimed $5,000 prizes, 33 $1,000 prizes and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $5 to $500.

The retailer is a winner as well. For selling the top-prize-winning ticket, the Royal Farms store will receive a $500 bonus from the Maryland Lottery – equal to 1 percent of the prize value.