Pasadena Man “Strikes It Rich” [VIDEO]

Monday, July 30th, 2012


Wins $50,000 Playing Scratch-off

Most every Lottery player has a system they believe will improve their chances of winning.  For a Pasadena couple, it’s a simple one: he picks out the games, she scratches them.

David Albers, a retired truck driver, began playing the Lottery’s Strike It Rich game after receiving one as a birthday gift.  “I’ve been winning with it pretty consistently and having fun, so I keep getting them,” he told officials.  “Though my girlfriend, Kathy, thinks I shouldn’t.”  In fact, she was sharing with him that exact sentiment while scratching his latest purchase.  David told us, “Kathy was getting on me a little bit about it when she just stopped mid-sentence.”  She suddenly realized that they won a $50,000 top prize.

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The couple is planning to use their winnings for a cruise and home improvements.  They struck it rich at the Mountain Road Dash In, located at 103 Mountain Road in Pasadena.  The Strike it Rich game offers a second chance to win a multitude of cash prizes and amazing baseball experiences.  You can find contest details at

David Albers - Strike It Rich

David Albers, from Pasadena, “strikes it rich” with $50,000 top prize!


    I im a resident of Baltimore City, I purchase my tickets from in the city. Why is it ? That all the big prize tickets are purchased from the suburbs

  • Will Hit Soon

    Congrats.  I truly know what they mean when they said “The kind of luck we normally have” with scratchoffs.  It probably seemed surreal to them.  Most of us lose so damn much, if we win,  it absolutely shocks us.

  • Sense

    Good for you David and Kathy!!!

  • Missypic

    congratulations  to  all new  winners…

    I  honestly believe  that  when  a person  gets three  numbers  on the Megatickets $7.00 is  horrible .
    afterall, it  only takes  6  to  win  and  tht isone  half..Therefore,  a  minimum of $50.00 should  be  the  winning amount  and  that   goes  to the multi  match and  powerball

  • Lwrncrsh

    whats with witholding the powerball and mega detail results.
    it was great knowing the amounts won in maryland.

    • Anonymous

      Lwrncrsh: We are not withholding this information. The results are being published after each drawing. Just go to the corresponding game page and click on detailed results.