Persistence Pays Off for Laurel Man

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Wins $50,000 on Bonus Match 5

Bonus Match 5Unemployed, with tuition to pay, the win came just in the knick of time for the lucky Laurel man who struck it rich yesterday. A big fan of Lottery play, the 48-year-old  has been playing Pick 4 and Bonus Match 5 faithfully for nearly 30 years. His persistence paid off to the tune of $50,000 when he hit all five numbers playing Bonus Match 5. .

“I used a combination of birth dates and random numbers,” said the winner. He discovered his win on “Something told me to look online. I saw the winning numbers then checked my numbers three times to make sure.  I was shocked,” he added.

The happy player will use his winnings to get his daughter through her final year of college.  He also intends to pay other bills and take his wife of 33 years on a cruise. “I am so thankful for this,” he said.   The winning ticket was purchased at Laurel Liquors on 420 Sandy Spring Rd. in Laurel.

  • Lola

    Can someone please tell me why all of a sudden the Bonus Match 5 drawing is not shown? Guess I’ll keep my thoughts to myself!

    • mdlottery

      Lola: Details on this decision can be found here.

  • Sharon

    Does the MDLottery ever intend to list payouts for each pick 3/4 number drawn. If not, why.

    • mdlottery

      Sharon: Not at this time, but it’s not something we’ll rule out for the future.

  • dont like the new page as I have been checking my numbers here for 20 years.Why is it that the bonus match match 5 is drawn where nobody can see it.I want the old page back and bonus match 5 to be drawn on tv.its not fair to poeple that do not have acess to a computer.this is not new tecnology its a way to get around things????/……..

    • mdlottery

      Mike: You can watch the Bonus Match 5 drawing here at MDLotteryTV. It includes a recorded version of the drawing as it happens live at WBAL-tv each night. There are also many other ways players can get there numbers. For more information, click here.

  • Susan Yoder

    I don’t like this new website – I have become a faithful PA Lottery player now – I like that I can see the payouts for the games and it is a more user friendly atmosphere. Your old website was better. Your changes haven’t been for the better at all.

    • mdlottery

      Susan: We understood when we launched our new website that it would take some time for players to get used to it. With that said, we are confident that our new website is a significant upgrade from the previous site with such improvements as better navigation, a winning numbers search and archive, blog integration, MDLottery TV and more. Is there anything in particular that I can help you with?

      • Nikki

        No it is not! This site is horrible. All of the frames, the overlay. You can barely read anything on this site because the gray overlay rarely shows up, so you have dark print on dark red background. On a smartphone it is impossible to read. Moreover the site is exceedingly slow. As I am typing this on a high speed connection half of the page isn’t showing…this site is heavy, its impractical and I know it isn’t 508 compliant for persons with disabilities… I’ve complained at least a dozen times, with not a single response. MD lottery wasted their money and being on this site is a waste of time with the scratch off flash layout being the absolute worst waste of time, of all. The PA lottery site is far and above a user friendlier site. You could learn something from nearly every other lottery site in the country.

        • mdlottery

          Nikki: is architected under the guidelines set forth by federal Section 508 web accessibility requirements as published via the website. The site is built and periodically tested using tools supplied by partner organizations of The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) including, but, not limited to the accessibility testing tool Cynthia Says (

          Every attempt is made to provide web accessibility to all Marylanders. If you feel a component of the website is not in compliance please alert us and we will investigate and correct the issue immediately.



    • mdlottery

      Darryl: Check out our KENO page here. It contains information regarding Keno Bonus and Super Bonus including prize payouts and liability caps for each game.

  • I’m very puzzled why the Match 5 is not aired, I’m sure the lottery gains more than enough money to air this game. Watching the numbers being drawn is the fun part. What numbers are being drawn who knows. I really wish you would put the Match 5 back on air. This is not fair to people, who spend money on this game.

    • mdlottery

      Paula: Thanks for writing in. In an effort to reduce costs and take advantage of new technologies, Bonus Match 5 drawings will now be available every night on our website at Maryland Lottery Television. MDLotteryTV includes all of our midday, evening and Multi-Match drawings. For more information on where you can retrieve your drawings results click here.