Pick 3 Double Play on Box Play – Now through July 13

Friday, June 13th, 2014

Going on now through July 13.

Box your Pick 3 numbers and if your tickets read “DOUBLER” and you win, we’ll double your cash prize. When you box your Pick 3 numbers you win if they are drawn in any combination so your chances of winnings go up.

DOUBLER Pick 3 Payouts

Bet Bet Type Normal Payout DOUBLER Payout
$.50 3-Way Box $80 $160
$.50 6-Way Box $40 $80
$1.00 3-Way Box $160 $320
$1.00 6-Way Box $80 $160

How to Play Pick 3
Winning Numbers

  • mdlottery

    This promotion is over now, but if you win for that drawing and the words “DOUBLER” are printed on your ticket, then your winnings will be doubled!

  • millie

    Why did you change the number search app? Before we could punch in a number and it would show you the dates it came out or if it ever did .with this one it will not. It is inconvenient since it doesn’t do this any more

    • mdlottery

      We are sorry you feel that way. We will take your comments into consideration for improvement. Thank you!

  • kmj

    Hey where is 2300?

  • Yolie

    Winning numbers for July 000 999 777

  • Yolie

    Lucky # 000 999 777

  • Yolie

    I’m waiting on 000 for this month. 999,777 already came. Texas Lottery

  • mdlottery

    Just a reminder, if you are not able to watch the drawings live on Sundays, you can watch any drawing online on our YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/mdlottery.

  • Loving Christ


  • michelle

    i hope this is not a joke cause my number has not played scents you have the doubler game playing

  • Christian Twamley

    You are advertising all pick 3 box are doubled.

    “Who said Friday the 13th was bad luck? We’re DOUBLING ALL Pick 3 Box prizes between now and July 13th!”

    But that is not true. Very misleading!

    • mdlottery

      Hi Christian-

      We appreciate your comment. Thanks for pointing this out, we are going to update the copy.