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Pick 3 Triple Play Promotion [VIDEO]

Monday, May 17th, 2010

UPDATE: July 9
A lot of players have been asking, what happens to prizes if they go unclaimed?  If prizes go unclaimed, the funds will go back into the unclaimed prize fund. All unclaimed prizes, by law, are required to be returned to the players in some fashion.  In order to do so, we develop numerous promotions during the course of the year using the unclaimed prize money as a way of returning the money to the players.  For instance, unclaimed prizes are used for promotions such as Keno Sprinkler, Racetrax Doubler and Hit It Here.


Three Ways To Win With $1 Plays


From May 17th through June 20th, players will have additional chances to win on the Lottery’s classic numbers game, Pick 3!  This Pick 3-only promotion will randomly produce bonus coupons with 8-digit codes for players.  If the coupon’s last two digits match the last two digits of that evening’s Pick 3, the player will win $100.  We’re giving away over 2,500 $100 winners each week.  Click here to see if you won.

If the last two digits do not match that evening’s Pick 3 drawing, players should save the coupon for that week’s Weekly Prize Drawing, which draws an entire 8-digit coupon number for a chance to win up to $250,000.

Let Yourself Play

Please remember to keep your bonus coupons. Bonus coupons must be presented and match exactly in order to claim your prize.
Official Rules


Wednesday, May 26

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00284859 Unclaimed Sunrise Market & Deli Beltsville
$25,000 00145256 Unclaimed Mary Mervis Deli Baltimore
$10,000 00354241 Thomas Harden Lewes Liquors Chestertown

Wednesday, June 2

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00400665 Unclaimed U-5 Foods Easton
$25,000 00506722 Verine Colbert MDBEP #27 at NIH Bethesda
$10,000 00489451 David Ross Food City Express Baltimore

Wednesday, June 9

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00782234 Unclaimed 7-11 #11716 Hyattsville
$25,000 00805494 Unclaimed Fairhill Liquors Elkton
$10,000 00679112 Unclaimed Everest Greenish Grocery Baltimore

Wednesday, June 16

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00924154 Unclaimed Friendship Gourmet Market Chevy Chase
$25,000 01121265 Unclaimed Sheldon Lounge Baltimore
$10,000 00993759 Mary Washington Charlotte’s Baltimore

GRAND PRIZE DRAWING – Wednesday, June 23

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$250,000 01125747 Unclaimed 7-11 #32271 Bel-Air
$100,000 01262708 Unclaimed Ridgeway Liquors Baltimore
$50,000 01130388 Gloria Cunningham Lucky’s Superette Odenton

  • AJ

    The winners seem to mostly be in the Balto area. I live in Lanham & work in Oxon Hill, the winnings by far are defininetly in the Balto area. Its very discouraging, so since I work in the Oxon Hill area, I just go on over the line in the evening & play in Virginia. I have better luck there than I do in MD.

  • its a shame that all the big winners are in baltimore county.There’s no big winners on the lower eastern shore

    • lisa: We have winners from all over the state. The geographic location of all of our winners is completely random. Winning numbers have always been – and will continue to be – purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance. Every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier. Scratch-off’s and 2nd chance drawings are also random.

      One of the cool things about this blog is that its given us the ability to archive winners stories (dating back to February 2009) for our players to easily reference stories near them. Feel free to search through. Recently, James Perrone just won $40,000 playing Keno at the Clarion Hotel in Ocean City and Gorman Abbott of Crisfield just won $50,000 playing the Bucks Deluxe scratch-off.

  • john ihrig

    I have a stack of triple play coupons and would like to get a complete list of all winning numbers. Or could I take them to a lottery terminal and scan them.Would that tell me if i”m a winner? Also are their any more drawings or is it done?

    • john ihrig: The winner coupon numbers are all listed in the above blog post. You can find out if you won $100 with the Pick 3 numbers here.

  • Katie

    I just remembered that I wanted to say this. Am I wrong to think that scratch offs should be sold starting with the number 1? It’s very frustrating to go in a store and see a new book in place and when you buy one it’s number 29…makes me sooo mad. If it doesn’t make a difference than why are they numbered to begin with. I have to know and if I am right, MD lottery should enforce that they be placed correctly in order from 1st to 30th!!!! oh and I think if the ticket is not a winner, it should not give you bonus option. Like a 5 bingo ticket that gives you 20x’s bonus but you don’t win anything. You almost know as soon as you match the numbers for the bonus that its not going to be a winner and that bothers me. But hey, I do love playing!!!!

  • Michele

    I truly do believe that all the big, big winning scratch-offs (and anything else) are distributed to all the liquor,grocery,gas stations and 7-11 stores in the baltimore area.

  • william gross

    no winning numbers on winning number phone at 1:03 pm sat morning yes I have internet its a winning number phone line why pay for service if it doesnt work

  • John

    I play every day about 40.00 each day on one number two time seven days of the week . I would like to win of course but it is the luck of the draw. I have many cupons for the Farm store in Essex and no winners here. I just keep playing .I have won on that number before but it is no show for over a year now. No one twist my arm to play.

  • N. A.

    When I go the Post Office and I ask them to post mark the envelopes stamp, I wait on line sometimes 20 minutes, and most of the post C larks do not like to post mark, and show attitude, arguing a lot, such as “this is not my job, just leave the envelope in their box the machine will do that”, can I just send the envelope as usual w/o post mark, please, help. (and they ask for returned address in the envelope).

    • N.A.: I did some research for you. On Wikipedia it states that “Postmarks may be applied by hand or by machines.” This probably varies by postal location and we would recommend checking with them first.

      I would recommend that if you are entering a second chance contest and the deadline is not approaching anytime soon, you can just mail your entry as you would any other type of mail and the postal machines will postmark it for you. If a second chance drawing deadline is approaching and you want to ensure your entry is postmarked, you can request that the teller do it by hand.

      As for the return address, USPS always recommends that you include a return address in case of a delivery failure.

      And last but not least, always follow the official rules for each drawing you want to enter. There you will find more details on how to enter each individual contest.

      Thanks for writing in. We appreciate hearing from our players.

  • marty

    I disagree with lottery officials. The winning scratch offs are known to the lottery officials because when tickets were stolen years ago the lottery officials knew what store they were stolen from and cancelled the tickets. Most of the large winning scratch offs are in the counties and the same foe Mega tickets, and Multi match tickets. It would be nice if the lottery officials would have a second tier triple play for the unclaimed prize money because that’s fair.

    • marty: Once the Lottery delivers a book of tickets to a store, we then know which books are at each store. However, the Lottery does not know which books have the winning tickets in them.

  • Kathie

    None of your coupons begin with 01347 … did you forget to put those in the draw bin? I have 6 of these coupons — do not feel as though I had a chance!

    • Kathie: For the Pick 3 Triple play promotion drawings entries were randomly selected from the week prior coupons that were issued. Each week there were an average of 260,000 coupons generated per week with over 2,600 winners per week.



    • Don: If prizes go unclaimed, the funds will go back into the unclaimed prize fund. All unclaimed prizes, by law, are required to be returned to the players in some fashion. In order to do so, we develop numerous promotions during the course of the year using the unclaimed prize money as a way of returning the money to the players. For instance, unclaimed prizes are used for promotions such as Keno Sprinkler, Racetrax Doubler and Hit It Here.

  • JB

    Since there are so many unclaimed tickets, are you going to draw again? Why not have another 2nd chance drawing for the unclaimed prizes?

    • JB: If prizes go unclaimed, the funds will go back into the unclaimed prize fund. All unclaimed prizes, by law, are required to be returned to the players in some fashion. In order to do so, we develop numerous promotions during the course of the year using the unclaimed prize money as a way of returning the money to the players. For instance, unclaimed prizes are used for promotions such as Keno Sprinkler, Racetrax Doubler and Hit It Here.

  • deep deep dimples

    Do not believe for once that there is a lot of winners in Baltimore City. I am an avid scatcher! I play pick 3 and 4 midday and evening.The payouts are truly ridiculous. MD lottery is a RIP off for sure! I buy at least 10 of the same scratch off and win nothing. When they talk about the odds on the back for winning, MD lottery are liars. Years ago, you would win on just about every 3 to 4 scratch off’s bought. I would win $40 or $50 all the time. Now, you can’t even win back the cost of the ticket. There are only small amounts ($1-$10) of money to be won. Every since the new agency took over MD lottery, the payouts have been small and scarce and the same numbers repeat itself frequently. It is also time to up the prize amount for pick 3 and pick 4. The prize amount as been $40, $80, $100, $200 for boxed and $250, $500, $2500, and $5000 for straight for the longest time.

    • deep deep: It’s funny because a lot of people outside of Baltimore believe that all the winners are there. People inside of Baltimore believe that all the winners are outside the city. The truth is the geographical locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where winners will be. If you peruse through our winners entries, you will see that winners come from all over the State.

      Thanks for taking the time to write in. We appreciate hearing from all of our players.

  • N.Myrick

    Is it correct to say the majority of winning tickets go states or cities because of sales?If the answer is yes then how can the games be fair?

    • N.Myrick: All ticket ticket distributions are random. We have no way of knowing which tickets are winners and where winners will be.

  • william gross

    whats the use of a winning numbers phone number that never answered .thanks for the web site cant always be online help.thanks in advance

  • william gross

    whats the use of a winning numbers phone number if you cant get a answer on the phone up to four or five hours later 4102308830 then try to tell msla about the problem I had ask for Mr. long to tell him,what a joke they act like its thier home phone when they answer do these guy work for the state

    • william: We understand your frustration and are looking into a resolution. We had a toll free number line in the past, however, player use wasn’t justifying the cost. Please remember that in addition to our numbers line and website you can find numbers in many local papers and at our more than 4,000 local retailers.

      We are also working on improving our website so players can take advantage of features such as RSS (really simply syndication) and more.

      Thanks for writing in. We appreciate you taking the time.

    • william: Also, we do not have a Mr. Long that works here. You can contact us at 410-230-8800.


    • Charles: This is the first inquiry of its kind to us like this. I’ve checked with sales and unfortunately, there is no explanation. We would suggest trying another location or new batch of playslips.

  • Shari Seaberry

    When in the history of the Lottery has the number 1101 came out I play it all the time at least for the last three years my friend,co-worker and family play like I do hit all the time I just play this one nothing

  • william gross

    try to explain anything to msla officals try calling4102308830 for lottery numbers

  • Patricia

    Is it possible to provide the 3-digit number that was played on the winning ticket on the unclaimed $50,000 3-digit unclaimed prize purchased June 16, 2010 at Friendship Gourmet?

    Thank you.

    • Patricia: If you are referring to what Pick 3 number was drawn, you can view winning numbers here.

    • Patricia: There seems to be a little confusion. The $50,000 winning coupon code was sold at Friendship Gourmet. However, to claim the prize the player must match the 8-digit code listed above.

      • Patricia

        I am not confused. All I am asking is do you have any idea of what the three digit number was on the winning coupon. I play at Friendship Gourmet, because I work in the same bldg. where the store is located. I know I had played a three digit in the month of June. Was the winning coupon purchased for midday or evening?

        • Patricia: We do not have that information. We just know that the winning $50,000 coupon number is 00924154 and was bought at Friendship Gourmet.