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Pick 3 Triple Play Promotion [VIDEO]

Monday, May 17th, 2010

UPDATE: July 9
A lot of players have been asking, what happens to prizes if they go unclaimed?  If prizes go unclaimed, the funds will go back into the unclaimed prize fund. All unclaimed prizes, by law, are required to be returned to the players in some fashion.  In order to do so, we develop numerous promotions during the course of the year using the unclaimed prize money as a way of returning the money to the players.  For instance, unclaimed prizes are used for promotions such as Keno Sprinkler, Racetrax Doubler and Hit It Here.


Three Ways To Win With $1 Plays


From May 17th through June 20th, players will have additional chances to win on the Lottery’s classic numbers game, Pick 3!  This Pick 3-only promotion will randomly produce bonus coupons with 8-digit codes for players.  If the coupon’s last two digits match the last two digits of that evening’s Pick 3, the player will win $100.  We’re giving away over 2,500 $100 winners each week.  Click here to see if you won.

If the last two digits do not match that evening’s Pick 3 drawing, players should save the coupon for that week’s Weekly Prize Drawing, which draws an entire 8-digit coupon number for a chance to win up to $250,000.

Let Yourself Play

Please remember to keep your bonus coupons. Bonus coupons must be presented and match exactly in order to claim your prize.
Official Rules


Wednesday, May 26

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00284859 Unclaimed Sunrise Market & Deli Beltsville
$25,000 00145256 Unclaimed Mary Mervis Deli Baltimore
$10,000 00354241 Thomas Harden Lewes Liquors Chestertown

Wednesday, June 2

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00400665 Unclaimed U-5 Foods Easton
$25,000 00506722 Verine Colbert MDBEP #27 at NIH Bethesda
$10,000 00489451 David Ross Food City Express Baltimore

Wednesday, June 9

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00782234 Unclaimed 7-11 #11716 Hyattsville
$25,000 00805494 Unclaimed Fairhill Liquors Elkton
$10,000 00679112 Unclaimed Everest Greenish Grocery Baltimore

Wednesday, June 16

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$50,000 00924154 Unclaimed Friendship Gourmet Market Chevy Chase
$25,000 01121265 Unclaimed Sheldon Lounge Baltimore
$10,000 00993759 Mary Washington Charlotte’s Baltimore

GRAND PRIZE DRAWING – Wednesday, June 23

Coupon # Winner Retail Location City
$250,000 01125747 Unclaimed 7-11 #32271 Bel-Air
$100,000 01262708 Unclaimed Ridgeway Liquors Baltimore
$50,000 01130388 Gloria Cunningham Lucky’s Superette Odenton

  • Erika

    When entering a second chance drawing should I be writing my contact information on the actual ticket,i.e. Trump Card scratch off, or should I include a 3 x5 paper or card with my name, address, phone,and email?

  • Niazi

    Since no one claim most of the prizes of Pick 3, I would suggest to make drawings until all the prizes claimed to avoid sending it to whom does not deserve.

    • Niazi: If prizes go unclaimed, they will go back into the unclaimed prize fund and be used for future promotions. By law all unclaimed prizes must be returned to players in some fashion, which is why we plan multiple promotions throughout the year such as Keno Sprinkler, Racetrax Doubler, Hit It Here and more.

  • I like to know why perspective winners of the 2nd cahnce games cant be notified when there entries are recieved by the lottery agency ie ultimate payday. Seems like nobody will know if his/her entry has been properly recieved.

    • Jess: All 2nd chance contest where players are asked to provide their contact information are contacted directly by a Maryland Lottery representative. Typically, we ask for multiple pieces of contact information such as phone, address and e-mail address so we have multiple ways to reach out to winners to inform them that they’ve won. We are also beginning to publish the names of winners on our website so winners also have the opportunity to find out here if they’ve won.

      • Cindy M

        I had no idea that second chance game was going on. That stinks because most of the time seems daily I have 2 outta the 3 winning #’s. I haven’t been saving my tix 2 check on it either. Im probley 1 of the 1’s who had a winning tix n didnt know about that going on. But then again thats my luck. Unbelieveable. Havent had any luck this yr that I was awear of. That STINKS….

  • Can you please answer – If the lottery agents can purchase instant tickets and win…I have noticed at the lottery location in Temple Hills on brinkley road, the store agents are in the trash retrieving customer racetrax and keno tickets and then scanning them for winners…This doesnt seem right…I have seen this done at this same store on multiple occasions.

    • Betty Boo: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Please send in more specific retailer information and I will have a Lottery sales representative look into it right away.

      • Mack

        As Betty Boo said, there has been chicanery with a very small portion of lottery outlets. 99.99999 of them are honest and on the level. The biggest question to me seems that when you go to cash in after a pretty good pick 3 or pick 4 win. Some agents give you free tickets. Some try to give you between 1-5 after a 2,500 pick 4 hit. Some give you more. Is there a standard on this? Clarity on this would be so nice. Thank you.

        • Mack: Retailers who give away free tickets, if you cash a prize or for any other reason, are doing so out of their own pocket. The Lottery does not have anything to do with it. Retailers pay for these free tickets out of their own pockets. Some retailers, on their own, choose to do this as a way as a marketing message to get more people to cash at their stores and generate more foot traffic at their location.

    • justin principio

      i dont work at a business with lottery, but when i play, i dig through the trash myself. i found a 50 blazin bucks scratch off one day. there are alot of stupid people who dont know how to play these games and i say once its in the trash, its public domain. my mom, rest her soul, found a 1500 lotto ticket in the trash years ago. if you can gain from peoples stupidity, go for it!

    • Katie

      Betty Boo~that is nothing. I know personally of a store where the guy who works for his brother, plays keno, scratch-offs and everthing…out of control. He ran up 3500 worth of keno one day and he got so deep he didn’t know what to do. Well just so happens he played a couple big tickets and one hit for 5k. So he was able to put the money back. But this is what he does, he pays people to cash in his winning tickets so he doesn’t have to pay taxes on them. People who have no money. I was in the store when it got busted for having slot machines in the back. My father reported him to the lottery but nothing ever happened. He watches people buy scratch offs and if they buy several with no win, he will purchase the rest. But I just don’t see how this is fair. He does this very often!!!! How come the Maryland lottery can’t do anything about it? They said they were gonna investigate but who knows. I had a friend that got fired from her job because she was on camera playing lottery during working hours and they said that wasn’t allowed per MD lottery. So how can he get away with this? They own two stores in Salisbury, and I just think it’s terrible. He’s taking advantage of everyone. Even MD lottery!!

      • Katie: If you can provide more details, I will have a sales representative look into the situation.

  • i have a suggested for a name change for a scarcth off instead of calling it bingo call it one away bingo i’m always one away from a hit

  • i agree with everyone about the maryland lottery you can play and play and never win , i havent won anything for over 6 monthes not ever
    i feel that the lottery is a rip off expspecialy keno i bet i spend at more then 10.00 a day on keno and havent won nothing ,,,so i gave up on keno it sucks ,not good odds either ,you really should redo the pay out to be more fair

  • Mike

    Everyone who plays a number wishes they can win but remember your odds on a three digit number are 1 in 1000 of winning, unless you box it then the odds are a little greater. People say my number has not hit in a long time so it is due, not true, the odds on a 3 digit number every night are the same, 1 in 1000.

    As for winning, it is all about the right time, how many nights have you wanted to play a number, didn’t and watch it hit that night. Happens all the time.

    As for the scratch off, same thing, right place, right time. I was one who believed it was always the same old crowd, Baltimore, Bel Air, Carroll County but never me. One day it was so now I am one of the ones who can honestly say, when they say there are big money tickets out there, they really are, you just have to be lucky.

    But the one thing for sure .. you got to play to win. You feel great when you win but it sucks to lose. No one said that life is fair but I definitely believe the lottey is as fair as they can be.

  • well here’s the deal, on my bonus coupon for 6/20/10 it says on the ticket if you match the last 2 digets of the 8 diget number below on the next evening drawing you win $100.00. Well the next evening 6/21/10 3 diget number ended in 96. My 8 diget number ended in 96. why does it say you are not a winner?

    • Earl: According to our sales team, there was a bit of confusion from players and we hope to improve this for next time. The part that states the “next” evening drawing refers to the next evening drawing to take place – not the evening drawing tomorrow. So, depending on when the coupon was purchased, you would use that next evening Pick 3 number.

  • Ronald Norman

    Why complain about winners in Baltimore?? Many people from other counties work in the Baltimore area. They buy their tickets in Baltimore. There are more lottery outlets in Baltimore and therefore more tickets are sold giving you a better chance to win. I didn’t do so bad myself here in Harford County last night.

  • N.Myrick

    7 out of 10 of the triple play payouts went to baltimore players.must be because of sales so it’s not fair.we have to move to baltimore to have a chance to win.would this be correct?

  • Mark

    It looks like a lot of these pick 3 triple play coupons are going to go unclaimed. Are there alternate numbers if the winners don’t come forward?

    • Mark: If the prizes go unclaimed, they will go back into the unclaimed prize fund. All unclaimed prizes by law need to be awarded back to the players, so we develop numerous promotions during the course of the year using the unclaimed prize money as a way of returning the money to the players.

  • Bob

    I donot understand if people think the Lotery is fixed why do they keep playing and when they donot win all the time they complain, I have played for many years and at times my numbers hit and when they donot, I understand thet. I have seen times when numbers come in back to back, and times a number wil come in in another state then come in in Maryland, this is just the way things happen. and it is to a players advantage to fill out a card to play numbers, I have before ask a retailer to punch in a number and found out they hit the worng number, so now i fill out a ticket and have no problems, so all you people that play should do the same. Also it is hard for any one to rig the machines, so if you think otherwise then I suggust you do not play.

  • Toots7221

    Recently I purchased 4 complete books (not all at the same time) of $5 scratches and none of them , I mean none of them had winners enough to cover my $300 investment. The most I got back was $250 off of one set.The scratches used to be fun to play but the big prizes are few and far between now. This is to let everybody know that buying one scratch-off and expecting to get lucky is almost as hard as winning the top prize on Mega. I’m disappointed.

    • Toots7221: Similar to other lotteries, the probability of winning a Maryland Lottery scratch-off game is determined using a standard calculation: the total number of tickets in the specific game divided by the total number of prizes in that game. As you may be aware, the odds for any particular scratch-off game are printed on the back of the ticket.

      If the average chance of winning a prize is 1:5, this does not mean there is an automatic winner within every five consecutive tickets. There is no pattern as to where winning tickets will occur. Just as the possibility of purchasing a winning ticket exists, it is also possible to buy multiple tickets without receiving a winner at all. Like all lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance.

      • David

        I have a question about the scratch off books. Is there a minimum return per book that is calculated. Because I used to buy the whole book of a scratch off game – $5 and $10, and I was usually able to get back between $180-$220 on average. I knew that going into it as I put down $300. As a minimum, it isn’t a bad return for getting 30-60 ticket chances at the big one because you can buy 10 – $10 tickets in a store and have that string of losers which loses you that same $100 without having that chances of the whole 30 ticket book.
        But recently I bought the Set For Life book and got back only $145. I thought that was unusually low. Has the minimum return been lowered? Having bought so many books and never getting back lower than $180 until recently made me really feel like there was a minimum return.

        • David: After discussing this topic with our Product Development team, they informed me that from game-to-game there can be slight variations in payout and distribution of prizes, but overall the strategy hasn’t changed. Also, for security reasons and to keep the integrity of the games truly random, we don’t dictate exactly how many prizes are in each book.

    • Katie

      I too have purchased several books, 5 10 and I also have never gotten back my 300 investment. I am not complaining, just saying. It’s better to walk in the store and buy a couple of tickets I think you chances are better. I have bought several winning 500 dollar scratch offs. Even from a $3 ticket. Although one wonders, I don’t know anyone who has bought more than me, will I ever hit one bigger than $500? I surely hope so, and I will keep playing untill I do 🙂

      • David

        Yes Katie, you can always walk in and just get the right ticket with a nice prize and only spend a few dollars. But for me, I like going for the big prize. Sometimes I see people scratching away tickets and when they hit a string of losers, they continue to buy and buy because they think a big one is coming (sometimes it does) but the big one that they think is coming can just be a winner of only a few dollars. So I’ve seen people end up spending close to $100-$150 and not getting anything decent back. I would personally prefer to spend that $100-$150 (with $200 more to purchase it) on the possible loss in a book of tickets with 30-60 chances of winning the big one or even a few hundred dollars more than I spent. I’ve never got my $300 back but the 30-60 chances to win the big one is why I prefer to buy the book in a gamble that has a minimum return back to me.
        Sometimes I do walk in and buy a few tickets and only spend a few dollars but I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that the winning tickets can be very spread out and random and when you hit a few losers in a row, don’t get carried away and keep buying a bunch expecting a big one to be at the end of it. It isn’t always a big winner that is going to even out your losses at the end of a few losing tickets. Although it could be, it is randomly dispersed in each book.

  • Julie from Cumberland

    On the second chance Hit it here, reese’s scratch off were do we put our name & address ect…at . Do we put the info on the back of the scratch off card or on a seperate paper ?

    • Julie from Cumberland: We advise that all players include their contact information on the back of the ticket.


    I live in Baltimore and I havent won a thing, so I truly believe it’s the luck of the draw. I have learned that complaining does not change a thing, I just keep trying. At one point I had given up but hey things may change one day, I may go broke trying…lol. And if you think its rig stop playing.

  • Vanessa

    Well the “Triple Play” contest is over and more than a few people did not claim their winnings. I think that after x amount of days there should be another drawing until you get a winner. That would only be fair if your aim is truly to reward those of us who play the Maryland Lottery. 12 out of 15 unclaimed as of yet! WOW! Come on now make it work for us!

    • Vanessa: The tickets are out there. Please encourage all of your fellow players to check their tickets. If the prizes go unclaimed, they will go back into the unclaimed prize fund. All unclaimed prizes by law need to be awarded back to the players, so we develop numerous promotions during the course of the year using the unclaimed prize money as a way of returning the money to the players.

  • Kyle h

    My exact point tonights number was 428 and it just came out the other day! NOT the “luck of the draw” it’s cheating Maryland lottery customers

    • Kyle: I must reiterate that every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier. Also, our daily draw number have no relationship to what’s being drawn in other lottery states.

  • CS

    Will there ever be a time when lottery can be purchased over the internet? Sometimes I can’t make it to the store, and this is usually when my numbers come out…

    • CS: Unfortunately, as of right now, it is against the law for us to sell any type of Lottery product online. We do not foresee that changing anytime in the near future.

  • Kyle h

    And I was fortunate to be one of the people who cashed in on that combination because my birthday is 1221 and I wish it would come out straight for a change but I still have my doubts about the drawings and it’s too many coiencidences to count so that’s why I feel that it is rigged.There are too many patterns in how numbers comeout in different states.Everything that comes out in Maryland comes out in Washington D.C within a weeks time.

    Another complaint-I have contacted the Maryland Lottery headquarters in regards to a complaint.There is a Beer and Wine store located on Rothbury drive,in Goshen Maryland next to Giant Grocery Store and I have played numbers there.The people who work there are very rude and actually get frustrated to play numbers.There machine is always “out of order” as soon as the store opens,if your in line to play numbers the employees who work there purposely ignore customers who want to play the lottery,the television is never turned on to play keno,and there are never scratch-offs in the scratch-off box.I have complained to you all on multiple occasions and you all have said something is going to be done about this and nothing has been done about the machine.When are you all going to take action with this Beer and Wine store?

    • Kyle h: As we’ve indicated in other inquiries, every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier and has no relationship to other Lottery’s.

      Thank you for bringing your bad experience to our attention. We take these types of things very seriously. I will have a sales representative look into the situation and take appropriate action.

  • Charles

    I wrote once before about the lactions of winners. By the looks of the winning coupons I was right, the winners are from Baltimore. I think I should move back to the city. Then maybe I could win something.