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Pikesville Accountant Has Lots of Zeroes to Count

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

$1 Million Win with Ultimate Payday Instant Game

Ultimate PaydayOn the night he became the Maryland Lottery’s newest millionaire, a Baltimore County man came very close to walking away from his fortune.  After stopping at his favorite Lottery store for a few scratch-offs, he was surprised to find that he’d not won a thing – he’s usually pretty lucky.  “If I had won $20 on those first tickets I would have gone home right then,” he told Lottery officials.  The events of the next few minutes show that it’s sometimes good to be unlucky, if only for a moment.

Today’s winner decided to try just a couple more tickets before he left, one of which was Ultimate Payday.  As he scratched he started to laugh.  “The farther I got into playing the game, the more I laughed.  It was ridiculously unreal.”

Realizing his good fortune, he told the cashier that he’d won and she asked ‘How much?’  He didn’t say a thing, just stared at her.  She quickly got the message, checked the ticket and then the party began.

The Pikesville man confided that he has had a tough year financially, so this win comes at a very good time.  “This money is going to help with lots of different things in my life.”

The million dollar ticket was sold at the 7-11 convenience store at 3731 Crondall Lane in Owings Mills.

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