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Pikesville Couple Claims Second-Tier Powerball Prize

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Lifelong sweethearts arrived at Lottery headquarters hand-in-hand yesterday to claim their $200,000 second-tier Powerball prize.  The winners, who both recently retired from their respective careers, do everything together.  That is, everything except playing Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot games.  “I play one dollar per game per week,” the wife said, “and my husband plays five dollars per game.”  “We buy the tickets separately.”

She always keeps the tickets in her wallet and checks them every few weeks at a local retailer.  When she saw the “see attendant” message on the ticket scanner yesterday morning, she felt her heartbeat increase.  “I thought I won $10,000 and called my husband screaming with excitement.”  “We still can’t believe it’s $200,000!”

The couple, who chose to remain anonymous, believes they were destined to be together; they met in kindergarten class at Pimlico Elementary School and formed a life-long bond.  The have now been married for forty-six years and have 2 children and 4 grandchildren.  They have no extravagant plans for the money and plan to give a portion to their children and save the rest.

  • congrate to all the winners, and may god continure to bless you.

  • it is your blessing enjoy it.

  • that is your blessing enyoy it

  • Gary

    Congrats …an extra dollar on that for the Powerplay and wow….even more joy…. X2

  • andrea s.

    Hi, I am new to playing the lottery. I played 2 powerball tickets that were NOT winners (tear!) but is there some type of 2nd chance sweeps where you mail in your ticket to Md lottery for a random pick?

    • mdlottery

      andrea: Sorry, no there is not. For all of our 2nd Chance Contests, click here.

  • Carrie

    Terrific to hear about local winners. Meeting in kindergarten and being blessed with decades of marital bliss has nothing to do with money but is heartwarming and a wonderful story to read. Thanks

  • What is a 2 or 3 tier winner in powerball? Does it means if you have less than 5 numbers to win?

  • Rashena

    Congrats beautiful story.. Blessings come to those that truly deserve and know what to do when they come. Some people are angry because they are not the winners. Enjoy I know I would.. Family is important and that is where the monies belong!

  • patricia

    bless you, enjoy your winings do what you want with the blessing.

  • Mike

    This couple is “blessed” and obviously it is not because they have won $200K. They were blessed long before they ever won a dime.

  • Carolyn

    I never respond to comments but this I cannot resist….Why are people always so quick to say what another should do with their money? The money or whatever belongs to them….they can give it away or burn it up….and do you really think they care what you Mr.Righteous think? Oh and if they do care they shouldn’t, you were bored and wanted to let all know how righteous and giving you would be !! Sure!
    Keep playing and reading and eventually your time will come when unsolicited replies on your personal business may come your way! Hail to the Great and Pious Michael for his March 13 comment….

  • geneva

    bless you both,

    beautiful story and a well deserved one for keeping the innocence and true commitment of love and respect alive and well….I am touched and inspired by your testimony…
    congrats to you both

    • Robin

      I agree, this is a beautiful story. I’m sure the kids and grands will be jumping for joy. I wish them peace and happiness !!

  • Mike

    Hmm, ‘Charity begins at home, then is spread abroad’, Being ‘blessed’, I don’t feel they are being selfish at all. They are handling it the way they see fit.. they won, they should enjoy it.. They were blessed to receive it.. If they want to give any away, that’s their choice..

    To the winners… Enjoy!!!

  • Michael

    It might be nice if they were a little less selfish and gave a large portion of the money to charity rather than keeping it all in their family! I somehow don’t think that anyone who keeps all of the winnings should be “blessed”!

    • Lottery Hopeful

      Them helping there kids might be a blessing, it just might have put them in a position to help there children with there struggle, speaking as a parent with young adult children just starting out, I am proud of them with there work afforts and career choices but know there struggle, i was blessed to inhereted a second car but i gave to my daughter and son in law to help them out with there 3 kids and they not sharing a suv, so I say this to say theem helping family can be charity and a blessing to others, no matter how big or small, shame on you that no one did a kind thing for you and you could reconize the “BLESSING!”

  • rb

    how wonderful….

    be blessed and enjoy

  • I don blame them, I would remain anonymous too if I won the lottery!