Platinum Rewards

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Platinum RewardsLimited Inventory; Great Prizes Remaining

Platinum Rewards (63% sold) still has two $1 million instant top prizes remaining, plus the chance to win another $1 million in our mail-in TOP PRIZE DRAWING! Scratch and reveal the “TPD” symbol, mail in your ticket for your chance to win.

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Prizes Remaining
$1,000,000 – 2
$50,000 – 3
$10,000 – 6
$5,000 – 13
$1,000 – 106
$50 – 19,796
$30 – $49,451
$25 – 86,641
$20 – 66,766

  • Anonymous

    Rara57: Please refer to the back of the ticket for the game rules, the rules state “Tickets may continue to be sold after all top prizes have been claimed.” reasoning behind that is in most cases there are still many other high tier prizes remaining. Also there is a game closing procedure the we need to abide by when closing a game, the most important being prize claiming period of 182 days after the announced close of game(also on the back of the ticket). Platinum Rewards “TPD” drawing will take place after the claiming period has expired on 4/14/12.

  • CSC

    I mailed in a Platinum TPD over six months ago. when is the drawing?

    • CSC: The drawing will take place after the “end of ticket date” is announced. The ticket is currently 63% sold and the “end of ticket date” is usually announced once the ticket is close to sold out. Once a drawing date is determined, we will announce it to the public. For more information, please refer to the games official rules.