Play Keno, Get Free Racetrax

Monday, April 18th, 2011

April 18 – May 22

Buy $5 of Keno and get a $1 FREE Racetrax. Just look for the word “FREE!” at the top of your Keno ticket to receive a FREE Racetrax quick pick “Win” ticket good for the next race.

Learn how to play Keno and Racetrax.

  • Mikewhaley81

    we need hot numbers mike from essex

  • When will the racetrax end and the doublers begin

    • mdlottery

      Shirley: The Keno/Racetrax promotion ends on May 22. We do not have plans for a Keno Sprinkler at this time. Stay tuned to as you never know when those plans could change.

  • I am a devoted Keno player but must say the free racetrax tickets are a pain. Love the Sprinkler Doubles and Triples. Please bring them back!

  • Linda Taylor

    Why can we no longer just “check” winning Keno numbers that also show the “super bonus” amounts?

  • The Racetrax Promo is a joke. Waste of paper
    and time for clerks and patrons. Who wins? I
    am however a long time Keno player, would rather have Keno Sprinkler than Racetrax.

    • I Agree!!

      • david

        The free tickets should at least come with the Bonus. I mean come on. The most you could win is $30 for the 12 horse and that only comes out a few times a day. So if you get the 1 horse to win – Yay I won $2 (or whatever the 1 horse pays)

  • Charlene

    I wish the FREE TICKET was a QUINELLA instead.

  • rhonda

    i love keno, i wish you could play online while on bedrest.

    • Yeah i agree with you.I wish to that we could play keno online.That will save me time for traveling to Maryland to play.Also i wish they would lets us buy scratcher or play scratchers online.

      Best Regards

      • You can play keno on line. Just goto Maryland and hit watch Keno.

  • keron

    i win the free racetrax ticket thanks

  • I,m a Keno Player. I want the promotions deal A.S.A.P. I love Keno.