Post Earthquake Ticket Shakes Things Up For Catonsville Man

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Wins $1,000,000 Top Prize on Extreme Cash Blast

On a day full of fear and uncertainty due to the East Coast earthquake, happiness showered over a Catonsville man. After thinking a loud remodeling project was taking place at work, the annoyed federal employee was advised to evacuate due the state’s strongest earthquake in several decades.  The man decided to make good use of his idle time and scratched a few scratch-off tickets he had recently purchased.

“I thought to myself, it was a great time to scratch off some of my Lottery tickets,” the lucky winner said. After an unsettling experience at work, he was shocked to see that he was $1 million dollars richer.  He and his wife were ecstatic:  “He had been certain he’d win for the past 6 months!” said his wife.

Winning is not completely foreign to the avid player, who previously won $10,000 playing Mega Millions. He said he hopes that top prizes from both Mega Millions and Powerball are in his future. With his winnings, the happy winner plans to take a vacation with his wife, pay bills put the rest of it in the bank.

The winning ticket was purchased at 40 West Citgo, located on 8300 Baltimore National Pike in Ellicott City.

  • hazel mckelvin

    i know thats right brotha, always beleive, some peeps dont beleive, thats why they cant win, than you got the lucky ones, but me, i beleive i am that woman who came from somerset projects in east b-more, that will hit the jackpot, and if it dont put me in a mansion, it will give me financial security, and i will never forget where my roots lie, in the ghetto,SOMERSET PROJECTS 4 life baby,my peeps, you got some folks who go all willy-nilly on ya, when they strike it , but me,know where i came from, and know it only take a ungrateful person to forget it, and that i am not,so take that society, and know where my heart is, that money can only make you or break you, i am grateful for what god has blessed me with, my health, fam,job,friends,dogs,and self respect. until than america, luv one another like it was your last day on earth, my ship is coming, and i am blessed for everthing that i am and got. yall will read my story one day, so remember me.

  • Jcread124

    it seems like the same places win 2 to 3 times.I play lotto everyday and never win.MD LOTTERY PLEASE SEND OUT WINNING TICKETS ALL OVER MD.IS MAILING THEM COSTING YOU TO MUCH.JUST DONT SEEM FAIR.

  • me

    im threw with playing md lottery