Premonitions Precede Woman’s MONOPOLY™ Second-Chance Payday

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012
Brenda Alesci - Monopoly

“I was just about to give up on second-chance contests,” said Brenda Alesci. Before she had a chance to give up on the bonus contests run by the Maryland State Lottery, Alesci received a call informing her that she had won $50,000 from the ongoing MONOPOLY™ scratch-off bonus contest.

The Baltimore resident was feeling pessimistic, having participated in many Lottery second-chance contests, to no avail. But last week, Alesci had a different feeling when she left the house to visit her grand kids. She was overcome with a feeling that she’d receive a call from the Maryland Lottery. When she returned home, her husband gave her a message from a Lottery official. She thought it was a joke until she called and was instructed to claim her $50,000 at the Lottery’s Baltimore claim center.

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Alesci plans to share her MONOPOLY™ payday with her kids and grandkids. “I’ve been helping them all their lives. It’s how I was raised. Why would I stop now,” said Alesci.

Players may enter non-winning MONOPOLY™ scratch-offs for the chance to win $50,000 at The final drawing will take place on August 29th.

  • Jocelyne Chamandy

    when is the next drawing? i have been buying monopoly scratch tickets and cannot enter my non winning monopoly scratch-offs. what’s happening. i buy new monopoly ticket and cannot enter any of my non winning.

    • mdlottery

      Jocelyne: The Monopoly bonus drawings were completed on August 29th, 2012. All of the winners can be seen here.

      With that said, Monopoply is still available at Lottery retailers as there are still three $50,000 top prizes remaining, as well as many other tangible prizes. Good luck.

  • Kristen

    how do you kno if you win. ive been getting calls about winning stuff but its all a scam. will md lottery say hey this is md lottery you win? also how many calls do you make until you choose someone else to claim the prize?

    • Anonymous

      Kristen: We contact all winners using the contact information provided for that game. Typically via phone, email or mailing address.

  • Anonymous

    place myself: Thanks for writing in. We get this comment a lot. People living in Baltimore believe all the winners are elsewhere and vice versa. Truth is the geographic locations of our winners are all random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Please take a look at our winners stories. There you’ll see that we have winners from all over the State.

    You can also check out our new winner’s map featuring top prize winners throughout the state.