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Quick Purchase of Bonus Match 5 Quick Pick Pays Off for Timonium Man

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Wins $50,000 Top Prize

A trip to the grocery store for his wife turned into quite a windfall for a Timonium man. The 68-year-old was on his way out of the store when on a whim, he stopped and bought $5 worth of Bonus Match 5 tickets. “It was a last minute decision,” said the happy player.

The next morning, he was perusing the newspaper and checked the winning Lottery numbers. “I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said. “I checked mdlottery.com to make sure. I was in a state-of-shock all day Saturday.”

This is the first big win for the retired hotel manager. “I’ve won a few dollars playing Keno before, but nothing like this. This is just sinking in,” he said with a smile.

Once he verified his numbers, the shocked winner put the ticket in a place for safe keeping until making his trip to Lottery Headquarters to claim his prize. He intends to share the good news with his family soon and will use part of his winnings to take his grandkids to Disney World and splurge on a special dinner.  The winning ticket was purchased at Safeway at 1017 York Rd. in Towson.

  • Vicky709

    Great! Always happy to hear winners sharing their winning by doing special things with their children and grandkids. I wish him many more wins in the future. Hoping my win is near.

  • Thanks111

    Lucky you!!!
    I have been playing Bonus Match 5. I have won $800, $600 and couple of $400’s, but I need the big thing $50,000. I want to win big when it happens. I play my 5 sets of numbers more than once in each ticket. I pray my request will be answered by Jehovah. Amen.


    lotterys fixed i play and play and play bonus 5 all the time for years!! win nothing i have a bag i keep of all the tickets i buy you wouldent beleve how many tickets are in there

    • Nicole Stonebraker

      I always thought the same thing! Until February of 2005 anyway, which is when I won $50,000 on a scratch off. It will come when you least expect it. It seems like I always win when I am not short on cash. I tell everyone that you can’t play expecting to win and you can’t play on scared money! Good luck to you and your big day will come when it’s meant to be!

  • Leon Hargrove

    God Bless him, I pray everyday for a life changing blessing like that…maybe one day soon. Have fun!!!

  • lady bug

    Good for you My turn next have fun with the kids in Disney World and buy something nice for your wife and dont forget to Thank God