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Racetrax Doubler

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Racetrax Doubler is off and running! Now through June 5th you have the chance to double your money on any win, show or win/show wager. The way it works is simple, you receive the word DOUBLER on your ticket and you get twice your winnings.

Learn How To Play

  • carnella williams

    i want to know how to play the tri fecter wheel, there is not enought information on it. I play the races all the time, but I nee to understant the trifecter wheel.

    I need to understand how to play the trifecta wheel, I play the races all the time, but do not understand how to play the trifecta wheel. There should be moore information on it.



    • mdlottery

      carnella: A Trifecta Wheel bet gives the player the ability to add horses and cover many different combinations in any of the finishing positions for instance:

      Trifecta bet = $1 a player chooses in exact order 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, Example = in section 2 one individual horse is chosen in each box on the playslip, #1 box 1st, #2 box 2nd, #3 box 3rd – horses need to come in exact order to win.

      Trifecta Wheel = playslip is filled out the same way as a Trifecta bet but additional horse(s) can be added to where you think they will finish. Example = playslip is filled out using the Trifecta of 2,4,6, and you could add a horse in any position to wheel, so for this example we will add the #5 horse to finish 3rd. so for an extra $1 you have the following trifectas covered
      The more horses you add to any of the boxes means more combinations to win and each combination costs an additional $1.
      Please stop by a lottery retailer and pick up a Racetrax brochure for further explanation.

  • geral

    when will the keno doubler be back

    • mdlottery

      geral: We do not have another planned at this time. Please stay tuned to mdlottery.com for upcoming promotions and contests. In the mean time, please feel free to check out Keno Bonus and Keno Super Bonus for a chance to increase your winnings.