Ravens Cash Fantasy with Jonathan Ogden at Padonia Station [VIDEO]

Monday, November 15th, 2010


  • Hey, Big Jon i still wear your jersey i wont part with it. Would love to get your autagraph. Stay cool!!!

  • i looked through all the winners and i noticed some of the same people keep winning…not alot but i think to many.i have been an allpro for two years in a row …i have not won anything…i think once you win something in that catagory you should not be alowed to win in that category again…just a thought………..

    • kelly: There are certain categories in the Ravens Cash Fantasy promotion where a player can only win once, but there are quite a few where they can win more than once. The official game rules list which prizes can be won multiple times. Every drawing is random, and therefore, by the luck of the draw, some winners may win more than once.