Retailer Corner


Quad Outlet

Must be within three (3) feet of the Extrema® Terminal.


CDMA is used when a Satellite Antenna Dish is NOT an option.
Limited viewing ability of monitor games.

Satellite Plus IDU (Indoor Unit)

The IDU will be located inside your store in a mutually agreed upon area accessible for service (sometimes mounted on the wall). The IDU is used for communication.

Satellite Antenna Dish

Prior to installing the satellite dish, authorization must be received by your landlord.
You will receive a satellite authorization form from Scientific Games.
The installers will use ladders and/or lifts to install the satellite dish on your roof.

Extrema® Terminal

The installers will install data cables between the equipment. Every effort will be made to follow the existing wiring pathway. Running conduit and penetration of the building may be necessary (200 feet cable distance max).

Lottery In Motion

Standard location is counter stand up to 5’ away from terminal. Can be custom mounted up to 25’ away. Electrical outlet is required.


Installation Process* of the Player Activated Terminal (PAT)

Conduct Site Survey
Install Satellite
Deliver PAT to Agent Location
Install PAT
Contact Training and PAT Activation

*Each step will require a separate visit to the Agent site.


PAT’s sell both scratch-off and online games giving agents another opportunity to increase sales.

PAT Specifications

  • 35” (w) x 72” (h) x 28” (d)
  • 60” deep with door opened
  • Weight – 700 lbs.
  • Overall footprint is 980 square inches
  • A three (3) pronged (grounded) 120V outlet on a dedicated circuit is required within 3’ to 5’ of the PAT
  • UPS: Provides 20 minutes of power for PC and 48 hrs. for alarm system; provides sufficient power to complete current transactions

PAT Features

  • All-in-one self-service online terminal and Instant Ticket Machine
  • Offers all MD Lottery online games and up to 16 scratch-off games
  • Bar Code reader for players to validate winning online tickets
  • Large, easy-to-use 19″ touch screen interface
  • Presents player with more scratch-off information including full ticket images, unique selling points, and complete play instructions
  • Displays available player balance on high-resolution touch screen
  • Easy loading of all scratch-off games
  • Complete on-screen reporting and diagnostics
  • Interactive player help screens for both online and scratch-off games
  • ADA compliant
  • Intrusion security alarm system
  • Remote controlled to disable and enable the unit
  • Player receives a redeemable voucher instead of cash
  • Players can cash online tickets to use for purchase or receive redeemable vouchers
  • The PAT accepts all $1, $5, $10 and $20 bills
  • Vouchers can be cashed at any Lottery Agent
  • Thermal paper
  • 5.5% selling and 3% cashing commission

PAT Reports

  • Accounting Reports
  • Online Reports
  • Scratch-Off Reports
  • Scratch-Off Inventory Reports