Retailer Corner

Retailer Plan-O-Gram

The plan-o-grams are visual plans which designate the placement of scratch-off tickets in areas where these tickets are displayed. Each plan-o-gram is a guide to help retailers increase product turnover and achieve their full potential by:

  • Communicating visually the most effective way to display merchandise
  • Ensuring sufficient inventory for high sales and specialty games by using multiple facings where possible
  • Ensuring a successful balance of games within each price point
  • Promoting new products

If you have any questions regarding the use of plan-o-grams in your store, please contact your Lottery sales representative.

Updated – January 27, 2014

16 Facing Plan-O-Gram

ITVM Planograms

20 Facing Plan-O-Gram

ITVM Planograms

24 Facing Plan-O-Gram

ITVM Planogram