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Retiree Calmly Claims $1 Million Multi-Match Jackpot

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Selected game for its novelty

A Baltimore woman who claimed a $1 million Multi-Match jackpot at Lottery headquarters on Sept. 4 appeared calm, cool and collected as she and her smiling relatives entered the Winners’ Lounge.

Her behavior was far different on Tuesday, when the 54-year-old reacted to her win by shouting and running around her house. “My brother stopped by and was shocked – I’m the last one in our family to be acting like that,” she said.

The retired state employee is still in shock over how quickly her life changed.

“I stopped in for some gas on Monday and remembered that I had a Lottery ticket to cash, just a $2 win,” she said. “I bought a Multi-Match ticket with the winnings.”

She chose the game because none of her friends ever talk about it. “When they play jackpot games, they go with Powerball and Mega Millions, never Multi-Match.”

Our winner was home alone when she checked the results online the next morning. “I compared my ticket to the winning numbers and said ‘Hold It,’ even though no one else was home.” After checking several times, she called her daughter to confirm that the numbers on her ticket matched what was online. “I started running around the house, yelling,” our winner recalled.

Our new millionaire plans to tackle some home improvement projects with her winnings, share her good fortune with family and charitable groups and invest the rest. Her Lottery luck found her at the Charles Village Exxon, 2500 North Howard Street in Baltimore.

  • cryonide2008 .

    Its all the luck of the draw. Sometimes, I play tons of tickets and come up with bupkis and sometimes I play only one or two and become pleasantly surprised. It can and does happen.

  • John Russell

    HA I bet she has been dumping thousands to try and hit this sucker? They always say I only play once in a while then you find out they spend half their check weekly on hundreds of tickets I bet>>? You figure LOTTO makes 20 or 30 million everyday off whole USA so that amounts to 150 to 160 weekly x 2 maybe 3 or 4 weeks WOW what a profitable deal for states and LOTTO HUH?

    • TONY A