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Retiree Cracks the Code for $30,000

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Wins $30,000 playing Crack the Code scratch-off

Crack the CodeA Washington County retiree purchased a scratch-off last week while running some errands. Putting it in his pocket, he went home and began scratching. As he began uncovering numbers on his Crack the Code ticket, he saw something extraordinary: a picture of a safe, which turned out to be worth $30,000.

The winner did a double check after he saw how much he had won. “I checked and rechecked the ticket,” he said. “Finally I called my wife over to double-check.” The pair stared dumbfounded at the ticket for a while before continuing on with their day.

Instead of keeping the ticket somewhere extra safe, the man left his winning ticket by the door. “I could’ve gone downstairs to put it in a safe, but that just seemed like too much trouble to me,” he chuckled.

Right now the couple doesn’t have any immediate plans for the extra money. “Every week I go out to dinner with my wife, I’m sure we’ll continue to have some nice dinners together,” he said. The winning ticket was purchased at Battleview Market at 5331 Sharpsburg Pike in Sharpsburg.

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