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Riverdale Man Continues Winning Ways with Bonus Match 5 Prize

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Bonus Match 5Pick 4, Multi-Match, Mega Millions, Powerball, Bonus Match 5…the Maryland Lottery’s latest winner has tried his luck at all of those games. The avid Lottery player has been pretty lucky at them, too. His $50,000 Bonus Match 5 win is the third big windfall for the 55-year-old. His previous prizes include Pick 4 wins of $17,500 and $25,000.

“I took my kids to Disney World when I won the 17 grand,” said the happy winner. The Department of Defense employee selects his own numbers — family birthdays. He then plays one number up and one number down from those. It was on one of his one number up and down plays that he hit it big. He discovered his good fortune on Sunday morning. “It’s my Thursday and Sunday morning ritual to sit and check my numbers in the paper,” he said.

Alone at home at the time of revealing his matching numbers, the man began hollering. Married for 25 years, the father-of-two wishes to keep his newfound wealth quiet and said to Lottery Officials “You are the only ones that know.”

The Lottery fan intends to pay bills with his winnings as well as take a trip to Las Vegas.  The winning ticket was purchased at 7-11, located at 1331 Chillium Rd. in Hyattsville.

  • pwright

    Congratulations…Mr.Riverdale man, I only wish I was standing in your shoes right now, no joke. Yes, I have given md lottery lots and lots of my money to try to receive a nice windfall but so far this year I only played once, no moolah, car got repo and about to lose my apartment but I am staying above waters. Mr. Riverdale man if you are looking to help a family, I’m here, Again Congratulations and best wishes. Be Bless!

  • LaLa

    congrats on your winnings but please dont donate the winnings to las vegas casino. put that money aside for hard times or help a family member or friend. good luck always

  • Ro

    I think it is the luck of the draw some gets some and some get none. I say to you all out there keep trying your day will come you gotta play to win.

  • tyron lee

    by the way how many winnig match 5 tickets were sold in 2010? And how much was played and returned to players?

    • mdlottery

      tyron: We had over 20 grand prize Bonus Match 5 wins in 2010. You can read their stories here. To view where the money goes for Bonus Match 5 and other games, click here.

  • tyron lee

    to md lottery! let some one Shake a bottle ,turn it upside down ,realease the correct number of balls. Its simple or blind fold during drawing .Take all mechanical devices off the machine. Integrity is the key to trust

    • mdlottery

      tyron: Keno and Racetrax are the only two games that have mechanical involvement in the results. For our daily games there are eight sets of balls are available for each drawing, ten balls per box numbered 0-9. We randomly select seven of the eight boxes in each drawing – three in Pick 3 and four in Pick 4. All eight sets of balls are changed on or about the 1st day of each month. The selection process you see on WBAL-tv or MDLotteryTV. Winning numbers have always been – and will continue to be – purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance.

  • Tia

    Congrats to you Riverdale Man! I hope my luck comes soon too! I do agree with Rodney completely. I play just about everyday day and night. I even try to split my numbers and play them at two different locations because I believe it’s rigged to fatten the state’s pocket. Until I can actually go to the place and watch a live drawing, I will continue to think this way. Last Friday, I didn’t go out at all due to the weather and I missed my address (9607) straight. I mean straight. I can’t tell you how ticked I was.
    My family could have really used that money for necessities; not wants. But it’s okay, one day at a time, that’s all we are allowed. My day is going to come. As much as I put into the MD Lottery last year, they need to be sending me a refund check.

    • Tia, I understand perfectly, Thats when Your numbers come when You don’t have them in, Our time will come to win, And it will be right on time, Sorry You missed Your address, Keep it in anyway they play repeats time and time again.

    • Bege

      At least yours showed up. Mine is 1011 and has come out as 0111 twice in MD lottery’s history. You talking about throwing away money….I’m the queen at that. I did win $1,000.00 on a scratchoff when they first started back around 1976. Don’t laugh….Now I play Mega and Powerball for 15 games on one ticket and I think they eliminate those numbers as soon as they print. I spend $30.00 and can’t win $2.00. BUT our day will ome….eventually. Broke Bege

      • Tia

        Hey Bege,

        I know you said don’t laugh, but I couldn’t help it. I still enjoy playing though. Good luck to you! I’m sure that number will be back out prior to this year’s end.


    It would be a really nice feature if the lottery website had a place for a person to type in their lotto ticket number and see if it’s a winning number. The scan machines frequently do not work and with games like multi match, it’s too confusing to tell if you win anything. Unless of course you win big or play very often.

    • Phoenix godman

      I agree or create a bar scanner app for android phones, so we can scan the barcodes on the ticket and see if it’s a winner.

      • mdlottery

        Phoenix: Love the idea. We have some meetings on the calendar to discuss new media idea. I’ll definitely bring it up and see if it can fit within our marketing plans for future development.

  • donnie stottlemyer

    Congrats man that is some luck you have had.I just started playing and have not won more than 9.00 but i intend to keep trying my wife just left and took my 3yo and 11yo and i cant afford a attorney so i am at her mercy, i just want to win enough to get my children back home.Good luck in vegas!!!!!!!!

  • tyron lee

    I would like to see all hand drawn games. With the advancement of laser encoding and computer technology it is impossible to tell if numbers are randomly selected. The machines should not be connected to any outside source!

    • I would like to say, I’m in agreement I don’t think the numbers are randomly drawn, I think the Md. lottery officials rig the machines to bring the numbers they feel will have a less pay-off to winners. The same numbers continue to repeat,repeat,repeat, except the ones I play like 823,451,261, plays every year or so. Yeah were being cheated fairly LOL……

      • Conrats to the riverdale Man who won, and continues to win. Despite My previous comment,No one, not even the Md lottery can stop You from winning if i’ts meant for You to win!!!!!

      • mdlottery

        Rodney: Winning numbers have always been – and will continue to be – purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance. Numbers drawn for each of the Lottery’s daily drawing games are arbitrary. Every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier. In addition, each ball drawn has the same exact chance of being drawn as any other ball in the machine, at any point in time.

        Although every ball has the same exact chance of coming up per draw, random drawings do occasionally produce unusual results. Because of this, similar numbers, the same numbers, or even what appears to be a pattern or sequence may be drawn from time to time. I assure you, however, that drawings conducted are fair and random.

        • Lil Lenny

          Sorry, I can’t agree with that. In the Sunpaper years ago there was an interview with the Md Lottery Director in which he stated that more people play Lotto when the jackpot is big so they were going to let the jackpot grow to attract more players. Now how can you allow the jackpot to grow if you aren’t controlling the numbers and the tickets sold? I knew I should have kept the article but if you archive the Sun I bet you can find it. It was printed in the years between 1997 and 2003. I know because that’s when I lived in Cockeysville and after reading it, I decided to play PA Lottery instead.

          • mdlottery

            Lil Lenny: I can’t speak to what you’re referring to in the Sun paper years ago. All I can do is reassure you that the winning numbers are indeed random, unique events each night. The numbers that have been sold to players are in no way connected to what the results are.

      • Rodney I fully agree.I play the same numbers and its always off buy 1 number.I think they look at what most numbers where purchased and how they can get around it paying the least the bonus match 5 drawing is not on tv anymore?they said technology yea write.I’v played for twenty years dont like the “new Md lottery” if that’s what they say it is.keep playing im going too so good luck

        • Thanks Mike good luck to You too, I remember years ago every new year they would switch the drawings to different stations, But now they don’t anymore. So if its about saving money they should switc to another station they charge less, Then We can see all the drawings including bonus match 5, and the drawings on saturday. Also I’m looking for a partner to play keno with, Let Me know.

          • mdlottery

            Mike and Rodney: If you’re still having doubts about the integrity of the drawings, feel free to watch them at MDLotteryTV including the LIVE drawing of Bonus Match 5.

        • MrS5

          Congrets Sr on your many wins. I play Mega and Powerball and I see it always come out in NY,MIA,CA and PA all the time,Guess I will wait tell the computers let the numbers come pass a MD lottery machine! Seeing a computer picks the numbers now NOT a plastic tube and a lady.

          • Ron Cogar

            Hey Mike i agree with you 100 percent.I asked them how come you cannot see the numbers dropped into the machine like when the lottery first started here,and they told me it was air time!!!Please AIRTIME???They cannot affort to pay for AIRTIME!!!???Nobody knows what numbers are in them pick 3 pick 4 machines as well as the bonus match 5 and Multi Match, what a joke the lottery has become,i believe they put the numbers in them bins that were played the least as you say mike, great post!!!

            • mdlottery

              Ron: Airtime costs have become an increasing concern in the past few years. Especially with the decreased marketing budget that we face and we’ve been forced to make tough decisions including removing Bonus Match 5 from air. Rest assured the integrity of our games remains intact. Independent auditing firms often perform unannounced visits, as do officials from the Lottery’s Security Division.

              Furthermore, every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier. For example, there are eight sets of balls available for each Pick 3 and Pick 4 drawing, ten balls per box numbered 0-9. We randomly select seven of the eight boxes in each drawing – three in Pick 3 and four in Pick 4. Each ball drawn has the same exact chance of being drawn as any other ball in the machine, at any point in time.

              • MrS5

                I would like to know why the Power ball and Mega Million always drop in the same states??

                • mdlottery

                  MrS5: Just as the geographic locations of all Maryland Lottery winners are random, the same is true for our national games. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, more winners come from areas of the country in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in the US with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas.

                  With that said, the odds are identical for every drawing and each drawing is completely random. Every drawing is conducted in strict adherence to detailed procedures in order to guarantee the integrity of the results.

                  • MrS5

                    I like how you said it..But it’s what you said that makes me believe what I think is true.In your words “There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, more winners come from areas of the country in which more people are playing”.All the Power Ball and Mega Million numbers are drawn up on a Computer number system and then Said computer generates numbers close to the winnings numbers,Then that winning number is set to be put out in the area the LOTTERY whats them to be put out.That is way New York Sold 3 Big winning payouts Back to Back….,And that is way the same areas all ways win…

                    • mdlottery

                      MrS5: A computer system does not draw numbers for our games or for the national games. What you see on TV is what you get. The system that generates users numbers does not have any computer integration into what numbers come out.

          • Laura L..

            I work at a store that sells lottery and let me tell you guys something a man cashed in one of his 401k plans for 30,000 dollars and put 2-400 a day on 1948 for a couple of weeks and the number never even came in boxed. I plaay as well and I am always one number away from winning straight. I have also noticed that when i read the odds on the back off scratch offs they are not correct. A 5$ one will say something like 1-5 odds of winning and From exp i have played 13 scratch offs in a row before i got a 5$ winner. Its all rigged even the keno thats the worse i will see customers playing a 5 spot and need one number and the last few balls will head for that number the all of a sudden take a diff direction specially when they have super bonus and 20$ on one game. I dont think its random. I think they all have a pattern and i think the bar code thing for andriod is a great idea and i think the site itself should also have where u can pick the game u played and be able to type in all the numbers from past draws to see if u won

            • mdlottery

              Laura: Thanks for writing in. To address your daily game experience, winning numbers have always been – and will continue to be – purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance. Every time a ball is drawn, it is an independent and unique event, completely unaffected by what ball was drawn seconds, hours, days, or weeks earlier.

              Winning scratch-off tickets are distributed randomly throughout an entire game. If the average chance of winning a prize is 1:5, this does not mean there is an automatic winner within every five consecutive tickets. There is no pattern as to where winning tickets will occur. Just as the possibility of purchasing a winning ticket exists, it is also possible to buy multiple tickets back-to-back without receiving a winner at all.

              Lastly, thanks for all of the ideas for improving our website. I will definitely add them to our development list for future discussion.

          • charles

            i ben playing for years only thing i won was $400 a few times cant seem to get that last number some times i think its fixed some how they let win who and where they want to hit they can say what they want but until i hit it for big money then ill beleve other wise

  • nick-y

    WTG esp. the one up one down plan , I am sure there is many of us who wish we would have that in our arsenal and wishing we had played that way,..again CONGRATS!!!