Seventh Time the Charm for 7x The Money Scratch-off

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
Delroy Oliver - 7X the Money

Brothers Delroy (left) and Carlton Oliver of Landover celebrate
Delroy’s $77,700 win with a 7x the Money scratch-off.

Landover man wins top prize of $77,700

Seven was the lucky number for Delroy Oliver of Landover, who won a top prize of $77,700 on the seventh 7x the Money Maryland Lottery scratch-off ticket he decided to play.

Delroy and his brother Carlton bought six different 7x the Money scratch-offs and played them but had no luck. So, Delroy invested his last $5 in the purchase of a seventh ticket. Is he ever glad he did! That ticket made him $77,770 richer.

“I saw the first seven and couldn’t believe it; I continued to scratch the first line and noticed I had won on the entire line!” said Delroy.

He and his brother decided to take turns scratching every other line on the ticket. When they reached the end of the ticket, they realized they hit the top prize.

“Whoa, Delroy, you won! Do you see that green seven? You won big!” Carlton recalls screaming excitedly.

Not wanting to leave his ticket at home while he went to work, Delroy had his brother keep the ticket until he could come to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim it. Carlton hid the ticket in a secret location and wouldn’t leave the house until Delroy eagerly arrived to pick up the ticket.

Then, Delroy realized his car couldn’t make the long drive to Baltimore. He offered his niece a generous sum to chauffeur him and his brother. The happy group made the drive as soon as they could to collect the prize.

An avid Maryland Lottery player, Delroy plays scratch-offs and Pick 3 and Pick 4 games every day. He has won several times but this is his first top prize.

He plans to use his winnings to get his car fixed, pay off his bills and splurge on new fishing gear. Delroy planned to celebrate his big win as soon as he left Lottery headquarters on Wednesday. He bought the lucky ticket at 7-Eleven at 1065 Saint Ignatius Drive in Waldorf.

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