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Severn Couple Roll the Dice for a $50,000 Lottery Win

Friday, May 2nd, 2014
Ray & Linda - Double Dice_web Ray and Cindy of Severn won $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery Double Dice scratch-off.

Very Last Ticket on Display Held Top Prize

Ray stopped at Luckies Market in Severn to pick up a few scratch-offs to play with Linda and was faced with a bewildering choice of instant tickets. The Severn resident was hoping for some classic Maryland Lottery luck, never dreaming that fate would bring a $50,000 win to his doorstep in a few hours.

“There were rows and rows of tickets,” Ray said, with a sweep of his arm to illustrate just how many tickets there were. After taking inventory of which ticket he wanted to play, Ray selected the very last ticket on the very last row. The green $5 Double Dice scratch-off called to him.

“I bought $100 worth of tickets for Linda and me to split,” he said. “I usually get the Red Hot Riches scratch-off, but I picked this one instead.”

Once at home, Ray gave half of the tickets to Linda to scratch. “It was the very first ticket I scratched,” said Linda. “I scratched off all of the numbers and saw that I had matched one.”

When Linda revealed the corresponding prize, she was shocked to see the $50,000 top prize. “I couldn’t believe it,” she said.

After calming down and calling a few friends, the couple scratched off the remaining tickets to find an additional $130 in winnings. “We almost didn’t want to check the rest of the tickets,” Ray said with a chuckle.

The couple, still in shock from their win, says they haven’t given any thought to how they will spend their prize. The game has one $50,000 top-prize-winning ticket and three $10,000 prize-winning tickets remaining in the stores. If you’re looking for a new lucky spot, why not “roll the dice” at Luckies Market located at 8290 Portsmouth Drive in Severn.

  • John

    I know it is only $10,000 top prize, but why doesn’t the lottery list where all of the winning tickets were purchased, for the $10 (10x) scratch tickets?

    • mdlottery

      Hi John –
      You can view where winning purchased were tickets here. Click on the pdf for the month and scroll down to the very bottom page. Hope this helps!