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Silver Spring Housekeeper Sweeps-up $50,000 Prize

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Wins Top-prize on Triple Green Crossword Scratch-off

A Montgomery County housekeeper really cleaned up this week. The 55 year-old Silver Spring resident works almost every day, and cleaning houses isn’t easy work. When she wants to relax, she unwinds with a scratch-off.  Last week when she took a scratch break the relaxation turned to excitement when she scratched off a top-prize winner worth $50,000.

The hardworking housekeeper likes to come home from a long day of work, lay down in bed and scratch scratch-offs. She likes the extended-play style of the crossword scratch-offs like Triple Green Crossword, because they take time to play.

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This week, she checked a ticket she had purchased a couple days before. Shortly after passing the clerk her ticket, he handed it back to her quickly. “He said ‘Oh, you’ve won a lot of money’,” said the winner. Then he instructed her to contact the Lottery about her prize. When she inspected the ticket further she discovered she had actually won the $50,000 top-prize.

The lucky winner said she will use the winnings to pay some debts, but also plans to use a portion for her granddaughter’s upcoming quinceañera. The winning ticket was purchased at Wheaton Winery on University Boulevard in Silver Spring.

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