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Thirsty Baltimore County Man Finds Fortune

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Quick Stop for a Soda Brings $250,000 Mega Millions Wins

A Parkville man was returning from a long day at a charity event last week when he developed a taste for birch beer.  A stop at a roadside store quenched his thirst and also reminded him to pick-up a Mega Millions ticket.  He and his wife play every week and have long believed they were going to win but, so far, no luck.  Maybe the birch beer did the trick, because that ticket turned into $250,000.

As is her habit, the lucky winner’s wife checked the winning Mega Millions numbers at  “I couldn’t quite believe so many numbers matched so I called my husband at work,” she told officials.  “I read him our numbers and he confirmed it.  He told me to put the ticket away somewhere safe.”

The couple is keeping their good luck quiet right now, although many will benefit from their good fortune.  Several charitable groups will receive anonymous help and their kids’ college loans will soon disappear.  As for themselves, some home improvement projects and a new car are all possibilities for the present with a new house somewhere in the distant future.

According to our winner, “This money will allow us to do a lot of things we’ve talked about.  It gives us a great sense of security.”  They warned officials that they fully expect to be back at Lottery Headquarters, however.  “We still expect to win the jackpot one day.”

The winning Mega Millions ticket was purchased at Brantwood Liquors, located at 1076 Augustine Herman Hwy. in Elkton.

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