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Two Big Mega Millions Prizes in Anne Arundel County

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Mega Millions with Megaplier

Mega Millions luck found two players on Friday who, by successfully matching five of the six winning numbers, each won the game’s $250,000 second-tier prize.  The jackpot, however, remained elusive and has climbed to $64 million for tonight’s drawing.

One of the winning tickets was purchased at Pete’s Liquor Fair, located at 7342 Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie.  As for the other ticket, Lottery officials wonder if the winner is hundreds, if not thousands of miles away by now since it was purchased at Thurgood Marshall Airport.

“I hope we have a local winner,” said Lottery Communications Director Carole Everett.  “But if they’re from out-of-town, they just need to come back within the next few months.”  Lottery prizes must be claimed within 182 days of the drawing date.

The multi-state Mega Millions game is played in 42 jurisdictions – including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware and the District of Columbia. Mega Millions drawings can be seen on Tuesday and Friday evenings at 11:22 pm on WBAL-TV, channel 11.

  • Army-wife

    I would like to see the location of the lottery retailer who sold the 1st and 2nd tier prizes for MegaMillions and Powerball

    Also: FYI ~ You can not read the payouts of the Pick3 & Pick4 link as it is cut off…


  • http://internet m. striegel

    what do the tickets with logo hunt(s) on them look like?

  • Debra Shatrowsky

    The black font on the dark red background is very hard to see. I would imagine it would be even more difficult for someone with low vision. The areas that use a gray or white box for text within the red background are much easier to read.

  • Bbmakitcfo

    Overall, the website is much better, I would like to see you incorporate more of Virginia’s search capabilities into this site.
    IE. being able to search for box as well as exact combinations of numbers or match 3 of 4 etc….

    • mdlottery

      Bbmakitcfo: Thank you. We are beginning planning for additional enhancements. This is one that we’ve heard is desired and is definitely something we are going to look into. Please feel free to send in any other ideas you might have.

  • Elmer Hause Jr

    I like the new site. It’s easy enough to navigate to me.Just looking forward to seeing my name on it as a BIG WINNER one day!LOL
    Till then like they say You gotta play to win!!!

  • Nicholas Gavin

    I think people use this website just to complain about the most stupid things ever. The new site is 10 million times better than the old site, maybe you’re just lazy. Stop complaining about spending your paycheck on the lottery and then when you lose and you’re broke you get on the internet and blame the humans that make the MD Lottery go round. It’s random. Get over it. Also just so people out of state read this, us people here in Baltimore/Maryland can spell and read and write. Some of us. Good Luck

  • http://Thisnewwebsite Kay

    Please bring back the old Md lottery website.

    This new one is very uneasy to navigate.
    We can’t view the scratch off availability link
    We can’t view the detailed no of winners on the games any more.
    Flash is not for every site. This website is supposedly for informational purpose of the lottery players. It’s not a store site.
    It took several weeks for it to be update. The comments of other players are no longer easily accessible.

    Why? Is this based for financial gain of some IT company that doe not even know how to incorporate the features of the old site?

    Please check out NJ, FL, CA lottery sites. For better planned website ideas.

    DC & NY lottery website sucks as well.


    • mdlottery

      Kay: Thanks for writing in. I think I can help solve some of your issues.

      We understand your concerns and took many of them into consideration when we took on this project. In particular, we feel that we’ve improved many areas of the site including the navigation. You can now get to any area on the site without using the back or forward buttons as was the case in the old website. Other areas of improvement include a numbers search and archive, integration with our blog Sn@pshots Lottery News, the launch of MD Lottery TV where you can watch all of our drawings, promotions and more.

      Now to address your specific concerns…
      You can view the scratch-off availability by using the drop down from the GAMES navigation or from the scratch-off tab right on the homepage.
      To view detailed results for our jackpot game, please click on the corresponding GAME page. From there you will see a link to DETAILED RESULTS for each.
      We understand Flash isn’t for everything. We’ve only used it in a couple of instances to enhance the interactivity of the site with our players.
      To comment on blog entry feel free to scroll down to the bottom of the entry.

      If you have any other questions or concerns please let me know.

      We’re confident that our new website is better suited for today’s online environment and gives our players a better experience with the Maryland Lottery.

      • http://UserFriendly(not!) Kel

        I too find the new website is less inviting. The numbers don’t update nearly as fast as they used to and I used to stay on the old website longer. I find the red behind everything distracting.

        I realize that money has already been spent on the website and you’re probably stuck with it but a few minor changes would make it better. One thing that is very annoying is that the most recent winning numbers for Powerball, Mega Millions and Multi-Match are not immediately visible. You have to click to find them. What’s wrong with having them where we can see them on the home page along with the current jackpot amount?

        • mdlottery

          Kel: Thanks for writing in. We appreciate feedback from our players.

          The process our drawings officials take to update of the numbers is no different from the old website. However, variables do come into play that may change how quickly the numbers are input and display onto the website. We always strive to update the numbers as quickly as possible.

          As for the display of jackpot results, we feel that the functionality of the “widgets” allowed for a quick reference to winning numbers and focused on displaying the next drawings jackpot.

    • http://mdlottery.com Mark

      I definitely agree with the slow updates. This is particularly true with the new jackpot totals for mega millions and powerball. Though I can usually find the winning numbers on this site, I frequently have to go to the mega millions or powerball websites the next morning (10-11am) if I want to knnow the jackpots for the next drawings.