WINNER – Saundra Frazier [VIDEO]

Friday, July 15th, 2011


  • George Blackburn

    I noticed in the last D. P. 2nd chance drawing that it appears that the same person won twice in the same drawing ?

    • mdlottery

      George: Can you be more specific so I can look into it?

      • George Blackburn

        Yes On 7/22/11 and 7/27/11 the same name on both days and I believe the same drawing Thanks George

        • mdlottery

          George: I had an opportunity to look into this. The same person did win on those days. However, they were in difference drawing periods. According to the rules, a player can win multiple times, just not within the same drawing period.

  • Vernette

    Congrats Ms. Sandra and happy birthday to ur dad many he have many more. May god continue to bless u and urs.

  • Donna

    Great going, Saundra!! Have a blast today!! I know you will and a great party for your Dad!! You could afford your own cruise, you know, Just for the fun of it and they are a blast! God bless you and yours!