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Winner Wednesday Wrapup

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014
  • 1
    A line forms for photos and T-shirts at the Drug City Pharmacy Winner Wednesday event. These winners are all smiles!
  • 2
    Ann Smitty of Dundalk won a $2 blast of cash playing our popular scratch-off of the same name!
  • 3
    Check out Drug City Pharmacy employee Dee Evans (right) displaying her winning Blast of Cash instant ticket as scratch-off winner Ann Smitty joins her!
  • 4
    Dundalk resident Anna Kakavas won $3 playing the new Bonus Crossword scratch-off and liked the game so much she is spending her prize on another scratch-off!
  • 5
    Playing on a whim paid off for April Wozniak of Dundalk, who scratched a winning Blast of Cash instant ticket!
  • 6
    Rainbow Blackout Bingo was Brian Hanline’s game of choice! He won $4 on the $2 scratch-off and shared news of his recent $180 win! The Dundalk resident invested his win in more scratch-offs.
  • 7
    New to playing Lottery games, Cassandra Strawther was in seventh heaven with her $15 Sparkling 7s scratch-off win. The Dundalk resident pocketed her newfound cash.
  • 8
    Charlotte McKinney exploded with a smile after showing her winning Blast of Cash scratch-off and getting an “I’m a Winner” T-shirt to take home. The Drug City Pharmacy employee enjoys playing Maryland Lottery games all the time!
  • 9
    Darlene Williams of Edgemere won $15 playing her favorite scratch-off, Rack up the Cash. She bought a few more with her winnings after telling us she ONLY plays that particular ticket!
  • 10
    Drug City Pharmacy employee Devin Teets, a Dundalk resident, was thumbs up about his $35 Super Slots win! His enthusiasm led him to buy more scratch-offs with his prize!
  • 11
    A $15 win on the Deluxe Cash Crossword scratch-off gave Diane Gusilatar of Dundalk a huge smile and put some pep in her step!
  • 12
    Devoted Maryland Lottery player Doris Brooks lets loose a big grin over her $50 Hold ‘em Poker scratch-off win! She loves the My Lottery Rewards program, too, and always enters her non-winning tickets for points to get prizes.
  • 13
    Two lucky scratch-offs worth $15 made the day great for Drug City Pharmacy employee Elisa Reynolds. The Dundalk resident invested her prize in more scratch-offs.
  • 14
    A $5 Lottery win made James Hooper VERY happy! The Dundalk man planned to play on with his winnings.
  • 15
    Dundalk resident Jenny Xinos scratched her way to a $15 Red Hot Riches win. She parlayed her prize into more lottery games!
  • 16
    Go, Joe! After winning $42 on a variety of Lottery scratch-offs, Joe Koblinsky of Dundalk decided to save some of his winnings and play some of his winnings!
  • 17
    A $1 Roll ‘Em scratch-off brought Kelley Blann of Dundalk a win, an “I’m a Winner” Maryland Lottery T-shirt and a free scratch-off! Play on, Kelley!
  • 18
    Overjoyed by her Biggest Taxes Paid Ever scratch-off win, Marlene Roach of Dundalk decided to pocket her $25 prize and buy herself a treat later!
  • 19
    Our hot new 21 scratch-off brought Marlene Squires of Dundalk a win! Way to go, Marlene!
  • 20
    Dundalk local Martha Yarworth gave the Lottery’s new 21 scratch-off a try and won $10! Way to go, Martha!
  • 21
    Dundalk resident Matthew Pabich parlayed his Powerball and Mega Millions winnings into more Lottery games!
  • 22
    Enjoy a great lunch! After winning $5 on the 24 Karat Cash scratch-off, Melissa Webster of Dundalk planned to spend her win on a tasty midday meal!
  • 23
    The key word is WINNER! Nicolas Martin of Dundalk captured a $5 win on the popular Bonus Crossword scratch-off.
  • 24
    With a $160 combined win on two Sparkling 7s and $1 Million Fortune scratch-offs, Rose Clark was all smiles! The Fort Howard resident couldn’t resist buying more scratch-offs!
  • 25
    Our Super 7s scratch-off gave Sean Conway of Dundalk a SUPER win! Woohoo!
  • 26
    Sharon Bauers won $3 playing the popular Bonus Crossword scratch-off! As a resident of Dundalk and an employee of Drug City Pharmacy, she said that she plays different Maryland Lottery games all the time!
  • 27
    Sherry Scarbata picked a winner! She claimed a $17 prize after playing the new $2 White Ice 7s scratch-off. The Drug City Pharmacy employee and Dundalk resident traded her icy hot winning ticket for more scratch-offs!
  • 28
    Be still my heart! After playing a variety of scratch-offs, Shirley Bailey won $8 on the Hearts are Wild Tripler ticket! The excited Dundalk resident decided to stash her cash.
  • 30
    Tina Anderson won $10 playing our Show Me the Money scratch-off. The Dundalk local chose to play more scratch-offs with her winnings.
  • 31
    Tina Emanuel fared well playing the newly released White Ice 7s scratch-off, winning $10 she planned to spend on more scratch-offs!
  • 29
    Lots of winners turned up for the July 9 Winner Wednesday event hosted by the Drug City Pharmacy in Dundalk. Have you visited this Lottery retailer yet?





Winners Line Up for Lottery Fun

Have you caught the Winner Wednesday bug yet? These lucky people did last week at our Drug City Pharmacy Winner Wednesday event! We had a great time hanging out with some of our winners. Check our event calendar to see where we’re heading next!

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