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Winning Hand 2nd Chance Promotion [VIDEO]

Monday, June 28th, 2010


2nd Chance Promotion
June 28 through October 8

Ante up by sending in $10 worth of non-winning Trump Card, Blackjack Blowout or High Roller scratch-offs for a chance to win a variety of poker related merchandise.  14 weekly prizes throughout the promotion will be given away beginning on Wednesday, July 7 through Wednesday, October 6.  Plus, a grand prize and 2nd tier prize will be awarded in a final drawing on Wednesday, October 13.

Weekly Prizes
Aluminum Chip case with 500 Chips
– Estimated value $130

2nd Tier Prize
Poker Table and Chairs
Aluminum Chip Case with Chips
Card Shuffler
– Estimated value $1,545

Grand Prize
Luxury 2-in-1 Poker Table and Chairs
Poker-Style Lamp
Card Shuffler
Mahogany Chip Case with 750 Chips
$1,000 Cash
– Estimated value $5,200

Send your entries to:

Winning Hand
Maryland State Lottery Agency
P.O. Box 6479
Baltimore, MD 21230-0479

Remember, all Winning Hand entries must follow the Official Rules.

Prize Winners

Weekly Prize Winner #1 (July 7) – Crissy Shull from Abingdon
Weekly Prize Winner #2 (July 14) – Evan Werner from Severn
Weekly Prize Winner #3 (July 21) – Olga Perez from Columbia
Weekly Prize Winner #4 (July 28) – Joseph Groszkowski from Fallston
Weekly Prize Winner #5 (August 4) – Tanya Waltrick from Pasadena
Weekly Prize Winner #6 (August 11) – Gerald Coleman from Baltimore
Weekly Prize Winner #7 (August 18) – Timothy Matthews from Temple Hills
Weekly Prize Winner #8 (August 25) – Luther Johnson from Edgewood
Weekly Prize Winner #9 (Sept. 1) – Henry Johnson from Taneytown
Weekly Prize Winner #10 (Sept. 8 ) – Lamont Roberts from Charlestown, WV

  • Mark

    I don’t follow baseball all that well. Has there been ant home runs at home for the Orioles?

    • Mark: An Orioles player has not hit the Hit It Here sign yet. We are holding out hope. A Blue Jays player hit it on July 17 so we know it can be done. Unfortunately, the rules require an Orioles player to hit the sign.

  • Rahjae

    Lottery Person:

    I have soooooo many Livin Lucky Stubs. I have entered many at one sitting. However, i have found a couple of stubs at the bottom of my purse and i’m not sure if they were entered, so i entered them anyway. My question is what happens if you inadvertently enter the same stub “TWICE”? Does it get counted at all and/or does your system boot it out all together leaving a person with no entry at all?

    • Rahjae: If a code is submitted more than once, the system will automatically boot out the subsequent tries and keep the original.

  • I play ar least 2 of the 5 dollar bingos ecery day as of this date I have only won 5 bucks on them, if the little box upper left gets a line filled out you know for sure you are not going to win, should not at least one or two in a pack have a winner in them, they are horrible but I like them.

    • I have about 100 tickets here for the Living Lucky are they still good? Also even though I bought them when it first came out are they still in the pot? Sure would have fun scratching off tickets if I won them.

      • charlotte: Yes, your codes are still valid. Every two weeks we draw 6 names for $300 worth of Livin’ Lucky scratch-offs and every 10% sold we giveaway $10,000. We’ll culminate the promotion with a $100,000 giveaway when the ticket sells out. In order to claim your prize, if your name is drawn, you will need to present your Livin’ Lucky stub.

  • chau

    when i enter the code for livin lucky all my infor was send in but when one of the code won300 . no one call or email me at all by the time i know i win it too late to cash the price. that suck….

  • Mark

    Why does it take so long to show the list of winners in the biweekly livin’ lucky scratch off drawing?

    • Mark: We apologize for the delay. The winning names and codes are now available.

  • Bee Jay

    I often hear other players being told numbers like 1010 or 777 are “SOLD OUT”. So what determines when a particular number is “SOLD OUT”? And how much can an individual play on a 3 digit or 4 digit bet I’ve often been in the line and heard other players put as much as $50 to $100 or even more on a 3 digit or 4 digit bet.

    • Bee Jay: Common number combination’s, such as years or special sequences of numbers often ‘sell-out.’ This is typically when a lot of players are playing one of these combination’s. Several number sets ‘sell-out’ for almost every drawing.

      Typical payouts for these types of popular combination’s are quite high, and often surpass the amount of money taken in from each drawing. For instance, on March 24th, we took in $424,000 in sales, but paid out $7 million when 1212 hit that evening. On these occasions, the players playing these combination’s really have a reason to celebrate!

      Every day, regardless of result, the goal of the Lottery remains the same – to raise revenue while providing entertaining gaming experiences. To achieve both of these goals, a $7 million dollar liability limit is in place. Once a number has sold to that potential payout, it is no longer available for wagering or ‘sold out.’ That limit allows the Lottery to continue to produce revenue for the State and fund the prizes that make the games interesting and exciting.

  • Rahjae

    So Lottery Person–i did not get a response to my question and concerns:

    since i first began entering my Livin Lucky Code numbers ALL of my contact information has changed and i no longer have a home e-mail address. So now what is a person in my situation suppose to do? I do have access to the internet via my job and could at check the winning “CODE NUMBERS” from time to time if they were published.

    I understand you cannot publish the name of the $10,000 Livin Luckey winner, But WHY can’t you AT LEAST PUBLISH THE “CODE NUMBER” of the $10,000 Livin Lucky Winner that way people will be able to check their own ticket stub instead of totally relying on the Lottery to do it for them. Like i said, my contact information has totally changed since i began entering my code numbers, therefor you cannot contact me if my code number is chosen using OLD OUTDATED INFORMATION. And that is NOT FAIR–AT ALL, not only to me but to everyone else whose information has changed………”IT COULD BE ME” or “THEM”!

    • Rahjae:
      Thanks for writing in. We haven’t had any problems with contacting players to for this promotion to date. However, you make a good point and I talked it over with our drawing official. We’ll begin making the codes for the $10,000 prizes available on the CASH PRIZES page when the next drawing takes place.

  • Roz Stavisky

    What envelope sizes are acceptable?

  • donald fake 3rd

    i just recently sent in more then 25 entries for the winning hand promotion but i forgot to sign the tickets does that mean im not in the contest

    • donald: As long as your name and address is provided you will be part of the entry. Your phone number is optional. Entrants do not need to sign the tickets.

  • Rahjae

    Well you could at least publish the “CODE” number just in case you are unable to reach the $10,000 Livin Lucky winner because my address and telephone number and e-mail number has changed since i first began entering my Livin Lucky Code numbers, then again i i no longer have a home e-mail address. So now what is a person in my situation suppose to do, the winner could be me. I do have access to the internet via my job and could at check the winning “CODE NUMBERS” from time to time.

    Okay, so don’t publish the name, but AT LEAST PUBLISH THE “CODE NUMBER” of the $10,000 Livin Lucky Winner.

  • Rahjae

    I am talking about the $10,000 Livin Lucky Winner. I think the name and the stub number of the winner should be posted that way a person can go online and look to see if the $10,000 is them. After all you post the stub number, name and city for the $300 worth of Livin Lucky scratch-offs, so the same should be done for the $10,000 cash prize.

    “why isn’t the $10,000 dollar winner’s name published? It could be me and i would’nt even know it. You know people change their address, e-mail and telephone number from time to time…Soooooooooo how is one suppose to know if the $10,000 winner them?”

    • Rahjae: The Lottery contacts all winners via telephone, e-mail and/or mail. Since it is a large prize, we do not publish the $10,000 prize winner’s names until they are confirmed as the winner. To be confirmed, the winner must provide the stub to claim the prize, and if they do not have the stub, an alternate is chosen and contacted. We realize contact information does change that is why we ask for multiple forms of contact information.


    Hello MdLottery, A co-worker of mines went to Georgia and brought me back a lottery scratch off scratcher. It’s a little thing that fits on my key chain so if I go to buy scratch off I wont have to use change or my fingernail…lol. I was wondering if Maryland State Lottery has a scratcher for scratch offs. I would like to have one with MDLottery on it, can you tell me where to get one?

    • charda: We currently are not producing a promotional item like this. However, check back later this summer/fall when a certain football themed scratch-off launches. 😉



    • Emily: Yes, that is correct. However, you have to send in each entry in its own individual envelope. Make sure you follow the official rules when sending in your entries.

  • Tam

    Where can i find big bingo (new one) 21244. Also I have a lot of trumps to send in can i use a prestamp on envelope meaning not paper stamp but I have a stamper for us mail like buisness use to send out info tks

    • Tam: We have several bingo games. If you can be a little more specific, I can try to give you a hand.

      Our bingo games include:
      Single Double Triple Play Bingo
      Multi-Prize Bingo
      Big 8 Bingo
      Bingo Boxes
      Blackout Bingo

  • carol henry

    i have been playing the lottery sents the start. and not one person sents mrs singletary over 20 years to my knowlage has won in baltimore city the big game but its always outside the city is it because its mostly african americans are more populatedthere i hope thats not the case . i sometimes go to towson to buy tickets ijust dont feel like we in the city stands achance in hell no matter how random you say the drawing is . i see more white faces winning all over the country thats ok; but ifeel so happy when i seejust one black face smileing .even if it wasnot me . just give baltimore afair chance i know the lottery control what state will win thats what i believe. we did come close the winner lived in dundalk lol .thank you for leting me rant .

    • carol: Thanks for writing in. We appreciate hearing from our players.

      You are not the only one that feels this way. Players in Baltimore City feel all the winners are outside the city. Players outside of Baltimore believe all of the winners are inside the city. The truth is, geographic locations of our winners are random. There is no way to predict where the winners will be. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing. Therefore, areas in Maryland with higher populations will more likely produce more winners than lower populated areas.

      Feel free to search our blog for winners. There you will see we have winners from all over the State.

      Good luck in the future.

  • Rahjae

    why isn’t the $10,000 dollar winner’s name isn’t published? It could be me and i would’nt even know it. You know people change their address, e-mail and telephone number from time to time…Soooooooooo how is one suppose to know if the $10,000 winner them?

    • Rahjae: Can you please be a little more specific to what $10,000 winner you are referring to?

  • Ronnie F

    Were can I find Big 8 Bingo in 21206 or 21239

    • Ronnie F: You can try D&M Liquors, First Stop Convenience Store, Hams Liquors and Sun Liquors. All appear to have books, but need encouragement to have them activated so feel free to ask them.

  • joe huntley


    • joe huntley: Yes along with your contact information. Just follow the official rules to send in your entry and you’ll be entered into the contest.

  • t.houston

    Are there any more Big Buck Party Paks in 21207 area. I brought out all the location Iknew of in the city and the surrounding areas.If there is none left in that area, can you please give me the store names for the surrounding areas!

    • t.houston: The Big Bucks Party Pack final claim date has been announced. We are unable to find where books are within our system.

      • t.houston


  • buck

    1) can i hand delivery my cash for life 2 entries?
    2) I got like 8 C’s and 2 A’s but no S or H’s are the letters evenly distributed or are there more of some letters?


    • buck: All Set For Life 2 entries must follow the official rules. You can read them here. And, yes the letters are evenly distributed throughout the game.