$1 Million Holiday Surprise for Montgomery County Man

Wins Second-Tier Powerball Prize

Every Sunday morning a Greenbelt man stops by a Lottery retailer to check his tickets from the previous week.  This past weekend his routine was interrupted by life changing news.  His visit to Lottery Headquarters this week made it official – thanks to Powerball, he was Maryland’s newest millionaire.

When he went to check the ticket, the Greenbelt man was confused by what the scanner was showing. “I asked the clerk why the scanner wasn’t listing the amount I’d won,” the winner told Lottery officials.  “He told me this usually means that I’d won a big prize.”

After comparing his Powerball ticket to the previous night’s winning numbers, it all became clear.  “I dropped to my knees right there in the store, looking up and sending thanks.  The staff and the other customers celebrated with me.”  The$1 million win on a quiet Sunday morning generated a bit of excitement.

Having claimed Powerball’s $1 million second-tier prize, our winner, a car salesman, has definite plans for his winnings.  “I have kids in college, loans to pay from my education, the mortgage and family members in need.  This money will do much good.”  He bought his $1 million Powerball winner from the Exxon station at 12601 Old Columbia Pike in Silver Spring.