$1 Million Platinum Reward for Baltimore Woman [VIDEO]


Wins Platinum Rewards Top-Prize Drawing

When Marylee Barnes began her day yesterday, she had no idea that by noon she would be Maryland’s newest millionaire.  Marylee was selected from tens-of-thousands of entries as the $1 million Platinum Rewards Top-Prize Drawing winner.

As soon as she received the phone call from Lottery officials, the 58-year-old called her sister.  “Years ago when I first got my dog, I told my sister that I had exciting news,” she said.  “When I showed her the dog, she looked a little disappointed and told me she thought I was going to tell her I had won the Lottery. This time, I was able to tell her that I really did.”

Marylee, who retired after 33 years from the United States Postal service a few years ago, brought a friend with her to Lottery headquarters.  “I called her yesterday and asked if she was busy tomorrow, and if not, would she like to go with me to claim my $1 million prize.”  The skeptical friend said, “I told her to cut it out!”

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The lucky winner realizes that she now has “lots of possibilities.” First and foremost, she would like to pay off her house and buy new windows.  The Baltimore resident is keeping her big win in perspective “I’ve been grateful all my life…very lucky.  This is just the icing on the cake.”

Players began mailing in Platinum Rewards tickets with the “TPD” symbol in 2009, in hopes of being selected as the $1 million winner.  For information about current second-chance contests, click here.

Mary Barnes - Platinum Rewards