$100 Grand Scratch-off Delivers Lottery Luck to Retired Truck Driver

Baltimore man wins $20,000 prize

A truck driver who is retired after 40 years on the road was on the receiving end of a very special delivery last week. The $20,000 prize he discovered playing the Maryland Lottery’s $100 Grand instant ticket is the biggest win ever for this “once in a while” scratch-off player.

The West Baltimore native picked out the lucky $100 Grand scratch-off from the selection at Hopkins Citgo located at 2001 Orleans Street in Baltimore. “I like to try a new game every time,” the 80-year-old told Lottery officials. “Because I don’t play very often, there’s always one I haven’t seen before.”

Later, as he scratched off his $10 ticket at home, the winner was stunned by the size of the prize. “I was almost to the bottom of the ticket with no matches so I was preparing myself to be disappointed,” he said. “Then, I saw the ‘win all’ symbol.”

Uncovering that symbol won him every cash prize listed on the ticket, which totaled $20,000. “What fun that was! It was a shock, yes, but it just felt like fun to me.”

Although he had trouble falling asleep after the big win, the lucky city resident was full of energy when he visited Lottery headquarters on Monday to claim his prize. “I’m anxious to take care of some debt that’s been troubling me,” he said, when asked about his plans for his windfall. “As for the rest, I’m still thinking on that.”

The $100 Grand game debuted in September and still has seven of eight $100,000 top prizes awaiting discovery. Players can also look for nine more $20,000 prizes, 20 $10,000 prizes and thousands of other ranging from $10 to $1,000.