$10,000 Scratch-off Prize Provides Breakfast Treat

Middle River resident a winner on $100,000 Gold Rush ticket

243-$100,000-Gold-Rush-ITVMA Middle River resident got his Tuesday morning off to a rousing start when he won a $10,000 scratch-off prize while he was eating his breakfast.

It was a $100,000 Gold Rush ticket that did the trick. He said he purchased it about a month ago at the Costas Inn, located at 4100 North Point Boulevard in Baltimore. As he ate his morning meal, he scratched the $10 ticket and revealed $10,000 worth of prizes. The lucky winner said he enjoys scratch-off tickets and playing Keno, but the most he’d ever won previously was $500. He added that he plans to put the prize money “right in the bank.”

The $100,000 Gold Rush ticket launched in January, and three of its $100,000 top prizes are still waiting to be found at Lottery retailers across the state. There is also one remaining $20,000 prize and six more $10,000 prizes, along with thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.