$10,000 Scratch-off Win to Fund Hyattsville Family’s First Vacation

Hyattsville’s Manuel Rodriguez found a $10,000 win playing The Big $10 Ticket.

Construction worker wins big with wife’s lucky number

Manuel Rodriguez of Hyattsville and his family can pack their bags for their first vacation in years, thanks to his $10,000 win on The Big $10 Ticket scratch-off.

The drywall specialist is an avid Maryland Lottery instant ticket fan who found his lucky game at a Takoma Park retailer.

“I had just picked up dinner for the family on my way home from work and saw a liquor store that sold Lottery games,” said the 37-year-old husband and father of two. “The Big $10 Ticket was the first one I noticed. Ten has been a very lucky number for my wife over the years.”

Manuel bought the game and scratched it off in the car. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing!

“Every number was a match,” he said. “I got out of the car and started jumping up and down. I got some weird looks from a couple walking by until I told them that I had just won $10,000. They clapped for me.”

When he arrived home and told his family the news, Manuel was met with a request from his son that he wasn’t expecting. “My boy said, ‘Now that we’re rich, can we go to Chuck. E. Cheese’s for dinner?’ ”

Manuel and his wife plan to take the family on a vacation, which they couldn’t afford to do in the past. “I’ve spent the last few days picturing my wife and kids on vacation, seeing us together in fun places,” he said. “It has been wonderful!”

The Big $10 Ticket hit retailers’ shelves in late November. When next in Takoma Park, visit T.J. Beer, Wine & Liquors at 7669 New Hampshire Avenue in case this lucky retailer has the two remaining $100,000 top-prize tickets or any of the nine other $10,000 winning tickets.