$10,000 Scratch-off Win has Circuit Board Assembler Dancing with Delight

Baltimore woman finds prize on Crossword Deluxe scratch-off

261-Crossword-Deluxe-ITVMThe thrill of winning a big Lottery prize, which can lead some players to dance in the street, had a weary Baltimore assembly line worker resting her feet and dancing in her seat! The lucky woman rocked back and forth in her chair at Lottery headquarters as she discussed the excitement of winning the $10,000 prize on a Crossword Deluxe scratch-off.

The 68-year-old loyal player, who works for a busy manufacturer, has assembled circuit boards and processors for the last 15-plus years. When the work whistle signals the end of the day, she’ll often treat herself to a scratch-off like the $10 Crossword Deluxe ticket bought at E Z Convenience & Deli. The Baltimore County retailer is located at 8104 Loch Raven Boulevard in Towson.

As she scratched off her game, the city resident revealed nine words across and down the lucky instant ticket to win the prize. “Ten thousand big ones – I was so happy,” she said.

The happy player and her husband of 32 years are still enjoying the thrill of the weekend win. They plan to share the excitement with family members, beginning with her mom and will provide her with a nice dinner out. The win may also allow the lucky lady to retire and leave the assembly line behind.

The Crossword Deluxe game launched on March 21 and has six more top prizes of $100,000 and 20 more $10,000 prizes awaiting discovery at Lottery retailers.