$10,000 Winner Gets Lost in Charm City Before Claiming Lottery Prize

GPS malfunction sends Delmar friends on a detour attempting to find Lottery’s Claim Center

A Delmar woman and her friend were happily on their way from Maryland’s Eastern Shore to the Lottery’s headquarters in Baltimore when everything went wrong. The GPS system in their vehicle malfunctioned about half an hour before they reached Baltimore and the duo spent nearly two hours trying to find their way.

“Everything was going just fine and then nothing,” said the winner.

“It just stopped working,” her friend added.

Thankfully, they figured out where they went wrong and found their way to the Lottery’s office so the 58-year-old winner could claim the $10,000 prize she won playing 50X The Cash last week.

The lucky lady said she purchased two of the popular scratch-offs at the Royal Farms store located at 101 North Salisbury Avenue and played them in the store. Luck was on her side when the first ticket revealed a $50 win. The Wicomico County resident then scratched the second ticket and was shocked by what she saw.

“I thought it was $10,000, but I wasn’t so sure,” she said, adding that she let her friend see the ticket and he confirmed the win for her.

“I told her it was definitely $10,000,” he smiled.

The lucky winner, who works as a seamstress, was relieved after the unexpected tour around Baltimore City was over and she could happily claim her prize. She shared that she hasn’t yet made any plans winnings.

The 50X The Cash ticket launched in January, and four of its $100,000 top prizes are still unclaimed, along with seven $50,000 prizes, 18 more $10,000 prizes, and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.